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Disinfectant for country toilets 1 + 1 = 3 Summer and winter 75 gr. – Ferma, OOO |
Buy Disinfectant for country toilets 1 + 1 = 3 Summer and winter 75 gr.
Disinfectant for country toilets 1 + 1 = 3 Summer and winter 75 gr.

Disinfectant for country toilets 1 + 1 = 3 Summer and winter 75 gr.

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In summer and winter, an all - season cleaner in the winter of a rustic street toilet The unique all - season cleaner in Summer and Winter can quickly and effectively eliminate the problem of cleaning the restroom.

The composition and principle of action of the antiseptic:

The main component of the preparation are complexes of surfactant cleaning agents.

For outdoor toilets, there is simply no better safe chemical composition today.

Getting into dirty wastewater with human waste, the reagent immediately starts processing it.

Already 15 minutes after the introduction of chemicals, the smell from the contents of the cesspool completely disappears.

And after 30 days, all biomass and feces are converted into odorless water through processing.

After the completion of the process, the water through the bottom cleared of silt and fat goes into the ground.

The fatty film covering the walls of the sump disappears.

Thanks to this composition of the country septic tank, it is possible for a long time to forget about the need to clean the cesspool.

Obvious advantages of the drug over analogues:

There are many more arguments for buying a cleaner for your outdoor country toilets.

Here is a basic list of the benefits of using a universal cesspool cleaner in Summer and Winter:

1. Convenience.

Cleaning a rural winter and summer closet with this tool does not require special knowledge and skills.

For everything to work out, it is enough to follow the instructions, which contain information about both the dosage and the method of application.

This modern tool can be used for self - cleaning of the toilet in winter, spring, summer and autumn.

The drug copes with its task equally well in heat and cold, and this is another of its huge plus over analogues.

The reagent can be used at hot outdoor temperatures up to + 50C and very cold down to - 55C.

2. Security.

Despite the presence of effective chemical components in the composition, the product remains completely safe for:

- human health;

- ecology in the area around the storage;

- does not harm the materials that make up the underground part of the septic tank (concrete rings, bricks), groundwater and soil.

3. Benefit.

It is worth buying such a country septic tank also because it significantly reduces the cost of maintaining a pit in the local area.

First, the costs of hiring special equipment for pumping out are eliminated.

This pit cleaner, when used, significantly reduces the risk of infection in the septic tank.

Since the reagent prevents harmful bacteria from multiplying and developing.

Perhaps someday a better technology for cleaning sedimentation tanks will be invented.

But in Russia and the world so far there is nothing simpler and more effective than an all - season tool for cleaning the toilet in Summer and Winter.

Waste heat exchanger consumption for efficient cleaning

To carry out preventive cleaning of a village street lavatory, you need to use 1 package of funds for 1 cube of waste.

But at least 2 bags of 75 grams should be consumed when:

1) The septic tank and shambo have never been cleaned at all;

2) The well with sewage has not been cleaned for a long time;

3) Water leaves very badly and the pit fills up quickly;

4) The bottom of the septic tank is very silty;

5) A dry layer has formed at the bottom of the country, country and garden toilets.

6) In the cold winter time, a mountain of ice formed together with feces in the open country lavatory.

A detailed step - by - step instruction with a photo of how to use the summer cottage composition in summer and winter is on the bag with the cleaner.

The modern Russian cleaner of winter country toilets has a lot of advantages over analogues:

- the price of Winter and Summer in our store is quite affordable for the buyer;

- the drug is convenient and safe to use at home.

To clean the country and country toilet, you do not need special pumping machines with a barrel.

As the reviews of the cleaner in Summer and Winter testify, it not only cleans perfectly, but also removes the unpleasant odor in the latrine for a long time.

It is convenient to buy the cleaning chemistry of cesspools "Summer and Winter" on our website, both for retail and wholesale buyers.

The weight of the 1st package is 75 grams

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Disinfectant for country toilets 1 + 1 = 3 Summer and winter 75 gr.
Disinfectant for country toilets 1 + 1 = 3 Summer and winter 75 gr.
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