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Dibutilftalat of 200 l

Dibutilftalat of 200 l

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandПоляра-Хим
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

Description dibutylphthalate:

Represents low-viscous uniform prozrachnuyumaslyanisty liquid of a weak yellowish shade with weak, but gorkovatymzapakhy, at contact similar leaves an oily raid. If after contact of SDBF, without having washed a hand to take a plastic lighter in hand, it very quickly a teryaetprochnost also lets out gas, directly on you. If to apply small a kolichestvodibutilftalat on clothes (it is desirable made not of PVC, differently it is budetbeznadezhno spoiled), then within several hours any mosquito will not sit down Navas to drink blood. They do not love it therefore they dibutil-and a dioktilftalatransha were applied as the main raw materials for repellents (from personal experience.)

Specification nadibutilftalat:

Appearance: Transparent liquid without mechanical impurity.
Chromaticity on a platinum-cobalt scale, Hazen unit: no more: 50
Acid number (in mg the GAME/g), no more: 0,07
Number of saponification, mg GAME/g: 399-407
Producer: Russia.

Packing: The 200th liter barrels, if necessary a proizvoditsyafasovka in canisters.

Information of a dlyatekhnolog.

In the industry dioktiftolat and dibutylphthalate not of an imeyutchetky structure of alkilny tails in  GOST 8728-88, the dazhesoderzhaniye of the main substance, only parametrical characteristics is not specified. So prigzhkh Dioktilftalat's analysis of the Russian production (Plant we do not specify) to a vproba a significant amount of dinonylphthalate of Diizooktilftalat iprochy contains. And the players of softener are changed from party to party that privoditk to change of properties of final products and need constant podgonaretseptura. On universal technologies production goes with use of 2-ethylhexane acid or a 2-etilgeksanol (contents its vsyrye from 98%) by production GPO of Dietilgeksilftalat, or Oktanovoykislota or (oktanol) By production of dioctylphthalate. Etopozvolyaet to receive the final product with constant properties and purity from 98%. Practice shows that replacement of softeners by more modern though iboly expensive considerably increases stability of quality of a product, and snizhayetraskhod softeners for achievement of identical properties. In more detail a vow you can read modern softeners in article. We turn a vnimaniyen the fact that comparative characteristics in article are given for Dioktilftalatayevropeysky quality with the content of the main substance not less than 98%.


Main fizicheskiyesvoystvo of dibutylphthalate.

Molar weight 278.35g/mol
Density at the 20th a hail. С: 1,045-1,049 g/l
Melting-35 temperature
Temperature began boilings: 340th hail. With with decomposition!
Flash temperature in the closed crucible: 168th hail. With

Use of dibutylphthalate:

It is used as softener of polivinlkhloridny iepoksidny pitches, in production of PVC of plastic compounds, film and listovykhmaterial, artificial skin, rubber products.

Danger of a dlyachelovek.

Softeners represent low-flying vysokokipyashchiyezhidkost, almost not soluble in water, under usual conditions steady to a kgidroliz and to air oxygen influence. Temperature of flash of an ivosplameneniye, maximum permissible concentration of vapors of softeners to a vvozdukha of a working zone of production rooms are specified above.

Air about - phthalic acid on influence on organizmotnositsya to the 2nd class of danger, and air sebatsinovy and adipic acid - to the 3rd class of danger in accordance with GOST 12.1.007-76.
Control of a condition of the air environment - in accordance with GOST 12.1.005-88.
(Amended wording. Amendment No. 1).
Production rooms have to be provided with a pritochno-vytyazhnoyventilyation. During the work with softeners it is necessary to apply special odezhdu of means of individual protection in accordance with GOST 12.4.011-89.

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Dibutilftalat of 200 l
Dibutilftalat of 200 l
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