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Diatomite of Termolit in Asphal

Diatomite of Termolit in Asphal

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Russia, Ulyanovsk
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One of ways of increase in term of operation of roads and together with it improvements of quality of a covering – use of new materials. Termolitovy filler (the diatomovy crumb activated) – the material received at high - speed roasting of diatomite without vspuchivaniye on different temperatures. Receiving different degree of dehydration. In difference from ceramsite gravel which is received by a vspuchivaniye of clay raw materials when receiving termolitovy filler, process of a vspuchivaniye is not present, there is an agglomeration of diatomovy raw materials therefore strong structures are formed, and natural porosity of material provides existence of a large number of a time at the small bulk density and low heat conductivity.

Asphalt concrete:
Quality of a ready asphalt concrete covering, its durability directly depends on quality of consolidation of asphalt concrete mix in the course of works. For achievement of standard density of an asphalt concrete covering it is necessary to observe strictly a set of factors it: observance of temperature condition in the course of transportation of mix, distribution and actually consolidation. Features of selection of asphalt concrete mix in the 3rd climatic zone consists that it is necessary to select indicators of asphalt concrete both during the work at the increased temperatures, and at negative temperatures what it is very difficult to achieve. Therefore it is almost impossible to avoid formation of temperature cracks.
Addition of thermolitas in number of 0, 5 - 07% of a mineral part of mix allows to achieve an udoboukladyvayemost of asphalt concrete mix without decrease in indicators of durability at 50 C, 20 Pages. Besides physicomechanical indicators of mix at 0 C considerably improve decreasing from 11 MPas to 9, 5 - 7, 4 MPas. Mix keeps temperature more evenly and allows to achieve uniform consolidation in a covering. Dispensing on ABZ is possible via the bunker for Viatop's giving.
Road Concrete:
The problem of rutting is caused not only use of studded rubber how many (at least, for 80% ) defects of underlying layers, most often it is already available very weak road designs. It either technogenic soil, or sand one - dimensional which well filters, but has very low durability on shift. For this reason very much attention has to be paid to preparation of the bases.
Road tsementobeton – a kind of heavy concrete. Concrete in a paving works in adverse conditions as it is affected not only vehicles, but also to influence of an atmospheric precipitation and in particular repeatedly repeating moistening and drying, freezing and thawing therefore increased requirements on durability are imposed to it, on frost resistance, wear resistance, etc.
In this case the thermolitas serves as softener. Addition it in number of 5 - 20% of the mass of cement improves technological properties of cement - concrete mix and first of all water requirement. Addition of thermolitas increases stability of concrete, reduces allocation of heat when curing and shrinkage. Frost resistance of concrete can be significantly increased by creation of uniform, dense structure at an optimum consumption of cement and the minimum water - cement relation.
Mobility and udoboukladyvayemost of concrete mix can be reached due to introduction of thermolitas. Such additive allows to receive concrete with high rates of durability and frost resistance. Duration of transportation of usual concrete is limited of 30 min. till 1 o'clock, depending on temperature of external air. Application of thermolitas allows to increase time twice and to keep commodity properties of concrete. Laying, consolidation, finishing of concrete mix in a road design is considerably facilitated.

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Diatomite of Termolit in Asphal
Diatomite of Termolit in Asphal
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