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Diamond honing, diamond honing stone

Diamond honing, diamond honing stone

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  • usage Rub the sand oil

Diamond honing a honing performed using diamond honing precision bore machining method. Compared with ordinary abrasive honing, it has high efficiency, good quality, low labor intensity, good economic effect and so on. Diamond honing stone granularity selection mainly by the workpiece material, processing efficiency and finish requirements may be, the current domestic synthetic diamond honing stone size in the range of 80 # -W5, commonly used is 120 # -W40. When honing a few levels, the particle size is too large can not be separated, should ensure that the following process can quickly eliminate grinding marks before the procedure.
Diamond honing stone binder, there are resin, bronze plated metal three categories. Resin binders used in small margin, higher fine finish honing; generally used for rough honing bronze bond, there are plating binding agent. The concentration of diamond honing stone generally use 100%
The main parameters are honing rod reciprocating speed and the circumferential speed of diamond honing honing rod when the micro feed rate, the amount of honing stone overrun, non-feed Heng Yan Jing or the like, they are honing honing efficiency and quality are affected. Circumferential speed and honing rod reciprocating speed of a direct impact on honing surface finishing and honing efficiency. Micro feed rate is mainly due to the nature and characteristics of the workpiece material and honing stone processing circumstances. For the steel workpiece, grindability poor, micro-feed slower; for non-ferrous metals and cast iron, micro-feed speed can be faster. Honing stone and the workpiece contact surface, the speed should be slow, and vice versa should be fast. You must be selected according to the actual situation. Honing stone overrun amount is too large, it should cause the bell; overrun amount is too small, the work will have toroidal shape. For a particular workpiece to be overrun by the amount of the test, typically in Whetstone preferably 1/3 cooling when no feed honing very best to present the general use of kerosene. Cooling a single straight tube and the annular flushing water way.
honing stone is modern machinery manufacturing industry, is mounted on a special grinder, honing tool for machining an advanced high-precision workpiece hole. It has high cutting efficiency, long life workpiece, high precision, good repair geometry, surface roughness and good features, suitable for modern machining industry efficiently honing machining.

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Diamond honing, diamond honing stone
Diamond honing, diamond honing stone
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