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DI23 (5H3V3MFS) circle of 25 mm – Yupiter NPP, ChP |
Buy DI23 (5H3V3MFS) circle of 25 mm
DI23 (5H3V3MFS) circle of 25 mm

DI23 (5H3V3MFS) circle of 25 mm

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Ukraine, Dnipro
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In a warehouse Dnipropetrovsk

the Art. 3H2V8F of 60 (0,96-1,5m) - 0.167tn - 57000grn/t

the Art. 3H3M3F of 52 (2,88m, it is forged.)-0,049tn - 57000grn/t

the Art. 3H3M3F of 120 (1,27m) - 0,113tn - 57000grn/t

Art. 4H4VMFS (DI22) of 22 (3,3m) - 0,010tn-57000grn/t

Art. 4H4VMFS (DI22) of 30 (2,65m, bent, sinks) - 0,015tn-55000grn/t

Art. 4H4VMFS (DI22) of 60 (2,9-3m) - 0,328tn-57000grn/t

Art. 4H4VMFS (DI22) of 70 (2,9-3m) - 0,589tn-57000grn/t

Art. 4H4VMFS (DI22) of 75 (2,9-3m) - 1,200tn-57000grn/t

the Art. 4kh5mfspolosa 30х150 (1.2-1.5m, 8 pieces) - 0,431tn - 32000grn/t

Art. 5H3V3MFS (DI23) of 20 (3.5-3,8m) - 0,922tn-57000grn/t

Art. 5H3V3MFS (DI23) of 25 (3.2m) - 0,111tn-57000grn/t

the Art. 8HF of 70 (3 m) - 0,090tn-25000grn/t

the Art. of X12M of 40 (4 m) - 1.02tn - 50000grn/t

the Art. of H12MF of 200 (2,45m, it is forged, Mark.)-0,590tn - 50000grn/t

Under the order

the Art. of H12MF a square 100х100 (1,70m, it is forged, ground, Mark.)-0,966tn - 45000grn/t

the Art. 3H3M3F of 30 (3-4m)-1,8 tn - 57000grn/t

the Art. 3H3M3F a square 85 (0,7-1m)-1,5 tn - 57000grn/t

Art. 4H5MF1S of 55-0,760tn-42000grn/t

Art. 4H5MFS of 60-4,340tn-42000grn/t

Art. 4H5MF1S-Sh of 57-0,530tn-56000grn/t

Art. 4H5MF1S-Sh of 60-1,920tn-56000grn/t

Art. 4H5MF1S-Sh of 70-0,590tn-56000grn/t

the Art. DI37 to razl.dia - the price a mastiff.

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DI23 (5H3V3MFS) circle of 25 mm
DI23 (5H3V3MFS) circle of 25 mm
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