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Device of control of high-voltage PKV/M5 switches

Device of control of high-voltage PKV/M5 switches

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Device of control of high-voltage PKV/M5 switches

The device is intended for in-place control and measurement of temporary and high-speed characteristics of the oil, vacuum and gas-insulated switches having up to three gaps on a pole.


As well as the previous models, PKV/M5N allows to measure three groups of parameters of the switch:

  • temporary (inclusion shutdown times on each pole, a total time of the movement traverses, a raznovremennost);
  • high-speed (movement speed traverses at the moments of inclusion shutdown or at the set distance from these moments, the maximum speed, speed in any point of the movement);
  • course parameters (course size until inclusion, the size of a vzhim, a full speed).

Thanks to two sensors: linear movement of DP12 and angular peremeshcheniyats all switches for which speed was measured earlier by the vibrocount with a ruler or with sector are available to DP21, control. Time expenditure on obtaining digital values of time, the course and speed for one cycle (if to exclude approximately equal times for installation on the switch of the sensor or the vibrocount from them) can be estimated:

  • for the device - 5 pages.
  • for the vibrocount - 5 min. … 5 h.

That is, automation of measurements considerably accelerates control and both the vibrocount, and all tortures of receiving and processing vibrogramm allows to leave in the past. Start of the switch at its control can be made as remotely - the dispatcher, and from the Start-up button located on the forward panel of the device. Local start-up, certainly, represents big convenience and saves time.

The measured switch parameters on each cycle do not need to be rewritten from the display now on paper as they can be brought in one of sixty cells of internal volatile memory and to keep before return from object. At office the device can be connected to the computer or to the printer for transfer of results of control to archive and listings for the protocol.

Automatic documenting of parameters of the switch excludes a possibility of their subsequent adjustment and by that increases reliability of the made repair. In addition the device can be used in the Ruler and Goniometer mode for measurement of linear movements in the range of 0 - 900 mm and angular - in the range of 0-3600. Resolution is respectively equal 0,5 mm and 5,4 angular minutes.

Increase in the measured information

Increase in information on a condition of the switch, certainly, is useful as allows to diagnose more precisely faulty knots and to reduce repair time. The digital information obtained by the device is consolidated in two tables. The first, the button called on the display screen by single pressing, included key parameters of switches. By repeated pressing of the button the screen the second table where entered can be output:

  • inclusion shutdown raznovremennost between poles;
  • "rebound" traverses at a stop;
  • "flight" traverses at the end of the movement.

The last parameters need to be measured for electromagnetic switches. Graphic information is provided by three schedules:

  • speed depending on the course [V = f(S)];
  • speed depending on time [V = f(t)];
  • the course depending on time [S = f(t)] on the same screen.

In both cases on the screen it is displayed as well process of short circuit disconnection of contacts on three poles. The graphic form of representation provides presentation and efficiency of the analysis of features of the movement traverses, a tinkling sound of contacts and a condition of the buffer. Smaller features of the schedule can be considered, having passed to the detailed scale of the image on the display.

High precision of measurement

Accuracy of measurement of temporary parameters is set by high stability of the quartz generator. Discretization of their counting is chosen equal 0,1 ms that blocks the existing requirements for accuracy and provides accurate fixing of a tinkling sound of contacts.

Discretization of counting of the course is defined by a design of sensors and is equal to 0,5 mm for linear movement and 5,4 angular minutes - for angular. But the total error of definition of the course includes several components including the defined switch design therefore the maximum resulting course error for the linear sensor reaches 1 mm, and for angular - 2,3 mm.

Speed of the movement is defined as 0,5 mm, private from division of value of a way, for a while for which this way passes a traverse. That is speed is defined in all points of the movement by each 0,5 mm. The curve received at the same time contains various casual not informative fluctuations which at further automatic processing smooth out, for example, by method of the sliding averaging on four points, etc. The upper bound of range of measurement of speed is chosen in 20m/with that blocks values of speed for all types of switches. The error of measurements does not exceed 2% in all range of speeds of the existing switches.

Adaptedness of the device

Adaptedness is understood as ability of the device to work with any switches without problems for repair personnel. The user does not need to think how to fix the sensor on the concrete switch: designers of special design bureau of the EDS already thought of it and supplied the device with necessary fastenings. Besides, on each type of the switch methodical instructions with the instruction for installation of the sensor and the description of operations which need to be executed for this purpose like switches are prepared.

Similar to the device it is adapted also to switches at which only angular movement is available to control (to VMT-220, VM-35, VK-10, etc.). Kinematic schemes of all these switches are stored in constant memory, and the processor recalculates on them values of speed and the course for contacts. Besides, as factory instructions on these switches are focused on control by means of the vibrocount with sector, values of speed and for sector pay off.

Simplicity and reliability of service

When developing PKV/M5N the task of creation easy to use, but with great opportunities for the device was set. The repair personnel of low qualification can be limited to measurement of passport parameters. The prepared user uses all opportunities of the device for profound control of the switch. Control of operation of the device is exercised by means of six buttons located on its forward panel and the display on which various modes of the device, hints to the user and results of measurements are displayed.

In the course of development by designers of special design bureau of the EDS various situations arising at operation of the device were considered. Any defect can turn back further or just inconvenience as, for example, deterioration in readability of the screen at a bright sun, or additional losses of time for elimination of errors of connection, or even to lead to breakage of the device. For the revealed problems solutions were found even if by internal complication of the device, and the user can not guess them now at all. For example, the chosen liquid crystal display unlike other types even increases image brightness by the sun; at bad illumination it is replaced by internal illumination. The Shirokodiapazonny power supply of the device (Vceti = 90¸245 V of a constant or alternating voltage) relieves of cares on installation of the necessary range of tension and of unpleasant consequences if about it it is forgotten.

Galvanic untied entrances of three channels to which cables from contacts of three poles of the switch are connected allow not to worry about a pereputyvaniye of polarity of connection of each cable, and the individual coloring for them provides simple visual control of compliance of poles and channels even on big (U-220, etc.) switches. Standard sizes of sockets of the device are chosen in such a way that the possibility of a pereputyvaniye of entrances and exits is absolutely excluded. For reduction of time of connection of cables sockets are chosen vrubny (without carving) designs.

Local launch of the switch from the device, having facilitated life of repair personnel, caused "headache" of designers as errors of connection of the device to coils of electromagnets in most cases put the power switchboard of the device out of action.

The most widespread mistakes

  • connection of a cable from the device not on the coil, and on short circuit;
  • the same, but connection in a network;
  • device zapityvaniye from linear voltage of 380 V;
  • connection of a cable from the device not on the coil of the contactor operating the solenoid, and directly on the solenoid coil.

For neutralization of the first three mistakes high-speed protection on current and tension with the sound notice alarm system and a conclusion to the display of the corresponding message are entered. And only protection against wrong connection to the solenoid coil so far is almost not realized because of too high price of means of protection. However, breakage of the device in this case is less probable as for this purpose it is necessary still to manage to mix cables of local and remote start-up.

Cold constancy of the device

Considering climatic zones of Russia and need of repair of switches after accidents at all seasons of the year, cold resistance of devices of control is actual. For PKV/M5N the element base was chosen proceeding from a working capacity condition up to temperature-40, - 60C. But liquid crystal displays on such temperature of operation do not exist. Their speed quickly falls already at + 50C. Therefore the system of heating and regulation of temperature of the display which allowed to remove the lower bound to-25 - 30C was developed. Display exit time for an operating mode after hours-long endurance of the device at a temperature - 30C does not exceed 30 min. The top value of temperature of operation of the device is equal + 40C in a shadow. The big problem on cold is created by cables with isolation from PVC, becoming rigid and fragile. For the solution of this problem on the special order for special design bureau of the EDS cables with isolation were developed and made of silicone rubber which temperature range of operation makes - 60, + 180C. New cables do not lose the flexibility and are easily unwound and taken up at any frost.

Design and completeness

PKV/M5N is structurally issued in the case similar to the case of the previous models, and has dimensions of 325х290х140 mm and weight about 5 kg.

Are included in the package of the device:

  • sensors of linear and angular movement;
  • devices for fixing of sensors on switches (under the concrete order);
  • eight connecting cables;
  • grounding wire with a clamp;
  • adapter from a klemmnik to the socket;
  • operational documentation;
  • diskette with the program for the computer.

All accessories, except a measuring core to the DP12 sensor, are placed in a laying box with dimensions of 450х270х190 mm and weighing up to 8 kg. The metrology and guarantees Operational documentation on devices is made out according to requirements of state standard specification 27300-87 and contains the technical specification, the maintenance instruction, the instruction for calibration and the form. Each device according to the Law of the Russian Federation "About ensuring unity of measurements" when releasing is exposed to metrological calibration. Results of calibration are entered in the form of the device. Also the guarantee and term of the next calibration is specified in the form.

On PKV/M5N the guarantee for a period of one year with free repair at the malfunctions which arose because of the manufacturer is given. Post warranty servicing is carried out as required and to applications of users. Thanks to an auto-adjust devices do not need in any adjustments in use, except adjustment of contrast of the display for the best quality of the image. The used standards have the high temporary and temperature stability guaranteeing constancy of metrological characteristics of devices. In this regard an intercalibration interval an established period in three years. There are prerequisites of its increase further. Devices are shipped to the consumer packed into strong boxes from multilayered plywood with shock-absorbing foam inserts and moisture protection that allows to transport them any kind of transport. Container dimensions - 1118х480х380 mm, gross - to 30 kg.

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Device of control of high-voltage PKV/M5 switches
Device of control of high-voltage PKV/M5 switches
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