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Detergent Himitek Universal

Detergent Himitek Universal

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It is intended for washing of any surfaces, including delicate: marble, wooden, painted. Deletes household, street, food and other pollution. It is applied at the enterprises of different profile, including on objects of the food industry, catering establishments, in MPI, sanatorium, child care, preschool, school and other similar facilities, in life. It is recommended for washing of the food equipment, ware, container. Highly effectively when using method of foam processing. It is authorized for application in restoration practice and for cleaning of works of arts and crafts. For foam sink and degreasing means of HIMITEK SPETS - UNIVERSAL is recommended. For machine sink, including CIP technologies, low - foam means of HIMITEK UNIVERSAL - M is recommended.

Ranges of application

  • enterprises of food and processing industry;
  • cafe, bars, restaurants and other catering establishments;
  • preschool and educational educational institutions;
  • treatment - and - prophylactic establishments;
  • real estate objects and housing and communal services;
  • trade and entertaining and business centers;
  • pools, baths;
  • sports constructions;
  • theaters, museums;
  • enterprises of transport complex;
  • other enterprises and establishments of different profile.


  • does not leave stains on glasswares;
  • it is recommended for hand wash of any fabrics, including woolen, silk;
  • effectively with the broad temperature range;
  • for applications, critical to availability of smell, means is made without fragrance.


Anion surfactant of 5 - 15% , nonionic surfactant

Appearance and physical and chemical properties

Viscous transparent from colourless till light - beige color liquid with light smell of citrus. Indicator of pH of 1% of solution 7,0 - 8,5.


Means is not flying. To avoid hit of means to the soil, reservoirs.

Delivery form

Means is delivered in 1 l bottles, 5 l and 10 l canisters, deliveries to 150 l and 200 l barrels are possible.

Method of application

Before use means is recommended to be mixed. Means is used in the form of 0,25 - 2% of working solutions which prepare in tanks from any material by addition of concentrate in water. Approximate consumption of solution - 40 - 100 g on 1 sq. m. Working solutions put with methods of irrigation, wiping, soaking. Temperature schedule - from 20 to 85 °C.

For foam sink with use of the foamer 20 - 30% solutions of preliminary cultivation are recommended.

Expiration date of working solutions - not less than 7 days.


On extent of impact on human body means belongs to the 4th class of danger (substance low - dangerous) in accordance with GOST 12.1.007 - 76.

To avoid hit of means in eyes and on skin. During the work with means it is recommended to use rubber gloves. To store in the place, unavailable to children.

In case of hit of means in eyes or on integuments washing is recommended by running water. If necessary to see doctor.

More complete information on safe handling of this product is provided in the material safety data sheet.


To store in closed form at temperature from 0 to 40 °C. Storage is allowed short - term, till 1 month, at the lowered temperature to −20 by °C. After defrosting means keeps the declared properties. Stack height at storage and transportation in cardboard boxes should not exceed 2,5 m, and for group packagings - 1,5 m. Expiration date 2 years at observance of storage conditions in not opened packaging of the producer.

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Detergent Himitek Universal
Detergent Himitek Universal
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