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Detergent Chistomol K (6kg)

Detergent Chistomol K (6kg)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЧелно-Вершинский машиностроительный завод
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Detergent Chistomol K (6kg) is characterized by the following parameters:

Parameter Value
Weight 6kg.

Detergent Chistomol K (6kg). Description

Detergent Chistomol K (6kg) is an innovative, highly concentrated acidic detergent specially designed for cleaning and washing milking machines and cooling installations. A unique formulation developed in cooperation with the All - Russian Research Institute of the Dairy Industry allows Chistomol - K to effectively remove milk stone, lime deposits, scale and corrosion products on the internal and external surfaces of equipment and pipelines.

The product is used in dairy, meat, confectionery, dairy farms for cleaning milking installations, milk / pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers. Due to the high content of the complexing agent, it works effectively in hard industrial water. Does not damage rubber seals. "Chistomol - K" is used by all methods of manual and machine washing, both individually and in combination with the alkaline detergent "Chistomol - Shch"

Chistomol - K contains inorganic and organic acids, a complexing agent, cleaning and detergent additives, and water.

Detergent Chistomol K (6kg). Recommendations for use

For effective use and saving of the working solution "Chistomolu - K", before washing equipment and pipelines, it is necessary to free them from product residues and rinse them with clean water.

The working solution of the product in a concentration of 0.5 to 1.5% (depending on the complexity of the contamination) is prepared with tap water.

The contact time of the working detergent and disinfectant solution with the surface of equipment and pipelines should be at least 20–30 minutes.

It is recommended to maintain the temperature of working solutions during mechanized washing from 40 to 65 o С, and at manual washing from 20 to 45 o С. As the temperature of the working solution increases, the washing efficiency increases and its time decreases.

After draining the spent working solution, the equipment and pipelines must be rinsed with clean water until a neutral reaction of the wash water at the outlet of the systems is obtained. The reaction of the wash water is monitored using indicator paper or a pH meter.

If acid treatment is not enough, equipment and pipelines are washed before it with an alkaline detergent "Chistomol - Shch".

Detergent Chistomol K (6kg). Precautions for use

Chemically "Chistomol - K" contains acid, is stable in water and in air, if stored properly, it does not decompose with the release of harmful substances. Chistomol - K has no allergic or cumulative properties. It is a non - flammable liquid.

Detergent Chistomol K (6kg). Storage conditions

In concentrated form "Chistomol" is perfectly stored in a factory container with a tightly closed lid in a dry ventilated room. Containers with "Chistomol" must be located at a distance of at least one meter from heating devices, protected from direct sunlight.

Packing: wooden boxes, cardboard box.

Payment terms: 100% prepayment for retail buyers, customized for wholesalers.


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Detergent Chistomol K (6kg)
Detergent Chistomol K (6kg)
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