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Замовлення на Дерев'яні будинки. Удома дерев'яні (зруби)

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Vytvořena:5 Led 2023  10:59


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Aplikace od kupujícího:

Hello I will need an price for 12 wooden houses (with technical specs so we will have a variety to choose from)
and fully functional -ready for habitant and with turn-key in hand,
including transfer to my country/city of mine. (Greece, Katerini Pierias)
The requirements for the houses are
3x16sq/m with 1 bathroom 3 sq/m
3x 20sq/m with bathroom 3 sq/m
3x 30 sq/m with 1 bedroom 10 sq/m 1 bathroom 3 sq/m
3x 40 sq/m with 2bedroom 10 sq/m 1 bathroom 3sq/m
send me offer if you have yours standard wooden houses plans

Height 3 meters, the lowest point,
all the roofs will be pitched, i.e. the grain is straight, pvc windows wood color
we are not interested in the length or width,
as long as they are 16 - 20 - 30 - 40 square meters,
simple constructions with thick wood and good insulation

I am a private person who wants to invest in tourism. the wooden houses its for all season.
We are currently doing a purchase survey, we want to know how much the 12 wooden houses will cost us.
(Of course whoever gives us the best and most comprehensive offer we will proceed).
[there is also the possibility that we will not implement the high-cost project].
What I am asking from you is an offer with the price of houses and transport in Katerina Pieria in Greece and if there is the possibility to do the construction of the houses by you and the cost.
It would help us if you could give us a price together with details of what you will send eg insulation - thickness of wood - thermal insulation of different thicknesses of wood.
(maybe you don't need insulation if the houses are made of logs).

Thank you for your time and I await your offer

God Bless

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