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Заказ на Mi-17, Mi-17E Mil helicopters for sale

Společnost z:Pákistán

Vytvořena:23 Čer 2022  10:00


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Aplikace od kupujícího:

Dear Prospect Partner,

Greetings from Pakistan.

​The Richmond Group of Companies was incorporated in 2004, since its inception the company has been actively engaged in Defense Contracting, Construction and Engineering Projects. The Company has been striving to meet the specialized yet varying demands for Pakistan Defense Forces its subsidiaries including Civil /Para Military Forces. Richmond Global Traders (RGT) has been engaged for the provision of state of the art, thermal and night vision devices, communication and jamming equipment’s, ROBOTS, arms and ammunitions, fire control and delivery systems, aircrafts, ships, Dredgers, Docks and boats etc. The Company has also conducted the Training the Trainers programs for hundreds of Pak Army troops including Depot level Technical Training, Transfer of Technology and establishing of high-tech workshops at various locations of Pakistan. In addition, Team RGT has participated in numerous exigent Test and Trails conducted on variety of equipment, armaments radars and Jammers by Tri Services of Pakistan.

Our Highly motivated team of the Business and Service divisions always endeavors to fulfil customers' needs to their utmost satisfaction. Therefore, based on our continuous efforts to support our Defense, National and civil institutions with good Businesses practices and persistent after sale services, we have earned a reputation of a leading business house and the trust placed in Pakistan. Our client base in Pakistan is one of the most diverse and comprehensive, and we know the needs and requirements of each. We have in our very core, to work with high levels of integrity and transparency, like none other. RGT have the privilege of Commercial Business Management team headed by highly experienced and very well connected retired Senior Army, Navy and Air Force Officers.

Besides Defense Sector, RGT also actively pursuing ventures pertaining to Infrastructure development, Aviation, Air Craft Conversion & Maintenance, agricultural sector, information, telecommunication technologies, power generation and distribution fields, as well as, transportation, environment, security and sanitation sectors. The company strives with dedication to determine the needs of the Clients and excels in providing the Right Solutions to meet the client's expectations

RGT has the heritage of winning various mega commercial and defense projects and enjoy the repute of an elite group that has its partnership across the globe. We have accomplished projects worth substantial value and are heading successfully towards acquiring more innovative mega projects with Government of Pakistan and Ministry of Defense. Taking this opportunity, Team RGT is keenly interested to meet you in person once the COVID 19 challenges fizzle out in order to apprise you about the latest market trends in Pakistan and to discuss the possibilities of partnership JV for few Mega Business opportunities available in the country /region for mutual Benefits.

We are already representing many World Know Defense and commercial Equipment Manufacturers in Pakistan for more than a decade such as FLIR Systems, Teledyne, Traka Systems, Remington, Kalfrsia, CMR Global, ROMDAS, GDC Technics, C&L Aviation and many other. By treating our project partners fairly and using transparent and equitable procurement and management processes, we foster a collaborative environment where all parties can grow and thrive.

In the light of above and with successful completion of number of Project in FY 22-23. RGT intends to have you on board for the project of MI-171, MI-171S, MI-17-V5, MI-172 for Pakistan Army.
I suggest for a conference call with you for discussing ways of partnership or you need any additional information.

Awaiting your positive comments and feedback. Please share your mobile number, skype/zoom id or WhatsApp number for prompt coordination.

Many Thanks and Regards,

​​Shujaat Ali Syed

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