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Crank. The frozen forage for aquarian fishes. Blisterny packing. – Panchenko, FLP |
Buy Crank. The frozen forage for aquarian fishes. Blisterny packing.
Crank. The frozen forage for aquarian fishes. Blisterny packing.

Crank. The frozen forage for aquarian fishes. Blisterny packing.

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Crank. It is one of the most popular forages. It is used for the majority of fishes as the main forage. It is especially necessary to the American tsikhlida, karpozuby, haratsinovy and Karpov to fishes. Unlike a live crank which often is a source of diseases the crank of Akvaria is guaranteed disinfected.

The crank is larvae of a number of species of mosquitoes from Chironomus families. Larvae of mosquitoes have a worm - shaped body of various shades of red, ruby, claret color. The female of a mosquito lays eggs in standing, boggy, with slowly current water reservoirs, in the silted ditches, and in solonovodny estuaries. After a while from eggs larvae vyluplivatsya. Under favorable temperature conditions and abundance of food in two weeks the crank reaches the size 15 — 16 mm. Release of salivary glands of a larva stick together parts of silt in oozy tubules in which they live, putting out only the head end. Food gets a crank from the silt containing a set of vegetable and animal remains. The crank by means of the threadlike branchiate appendages located on the back end and also all surface of a body breathes; Bright red coloring depends on color of the blood rich with hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a source of iron and is used by a larva for oxygen deduction, allowing it to live in water poor in oxygen. For feeding of aquarian fishes larvae of a widespread mosquito - derguna of Chironomus plumosus are used. They have the expressed darkly ruby color. In length reach 20 mm. Much more often in aquarium husbandry the small crank got in estuaries is used. Larvae of several species of mosquitoes from the same family less than 15 mm concern to him. The crank is very nutritious forage for fishes. The analysis showed that the crank contains 12, 8% of solid from which 48, 5% - squirrels, 10, 9% - fats, 19% - carbohydrates. The crank surpasses almost all live forages in the nutritious properties. But it is necessary to feed fishes with a crank moderately. It is impossible to allow reforages of fishes as the crank difficult is digested. Plentiful feeding can cause the intestines inflammation which is quite often leading to death. When using a crank for daily feeding your fishes can have an obesity which leads to violation of reproductive function, easing of immunity and a metabolic disorder. Therefore a crank it is necessary to alternate feeding 2 - 3 times a week to feeding by other types of forages, or to use the balanced diets for feeding. The live crank can be got in pet - shops, however we do not advise it to do as disinfecting and cleaning of a crank very labor - consuming and technologically difficult process which not in power to most of the private getters delivering fresh forages in pet - shops. And the crank raw properly is a carrier of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore the simplest and safest option - to buy the frozen product which underwent cleaning and disinfection with ozone. Quickly frozen crank if to store it at a temperature of - 18 °C, keeps color, a form, flavoring and nutritious qualities for a long time.
The crank of Akvaria firm passes three stages of cleaning:
1) 3 - day washing in flowing water (intestines of a crank are exempted from harmful substances).
2) A purge ozone (more than 90% of causative agents of diseases are killed)
3) A shock freezing at - 50C. (brings a product to the maximum cleaning of pollution with harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites).

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Crank. The frozen forage for aquarian fishes. Blisterny packing.
Crank. The frozen forage for aquarian fishes. Blisterny packing.
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