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Conveyor PNTs80 drive

Conveyor PNTs80 drive

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Conveyor PNTs80 drive

"Galinterpodjem" - it is production - trade enterprise with which your industrial potential will increase!
1) Cargo bearing the conveyor
2) Pushing the conveyor
3) Suspended chain cargo bearing the conveyor: PNTs80, PNTs100, GN80, GN100, PNTs200D, PNTs160, GN160, GN200D, with a chain step: 160, 200, 80 and 100 mm.
4) Reducers: KDV200M2, KDV 250M2, KDV 350M2.
5) Chains for the conveyor and a chain for the drive of the following modifications: P2 – 80 – 106, P1 – 80 – 106, P2 – 100 – 220, P1 – 100 – 220, P2 – 160 – 400, a two-hinged chain of D200 which suits the conveyor PNTs200D besides is available a chain caterpillar for the conveyor drive.
6) Carriages for the suspended chain conveyor: PTK160, GN160, PTTs 160, carriages traverse, coupled and for the pushing conveyors, such names – PTTs80, PTTs100, PTK100, KT80, KT100.
7) Carts are cargo, the drive, conveyor lines: tape, floor, elevators and inclined planes.

Our experts with great attention and care will pick up to you the necessary working line and accessories to it, and also high-quality and reliable spare parts of the necessary type from the conveyor leader of the western region.
Be in a circle of professionals of the business together with "Galinterpodjem"!

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Conveyor PNTs80 drive
Conveyor PNTs80 drive
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