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Continuous Refining Line - Plant

Continuous Refining Line - Plant

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Continuous Refining Line - Plant
The Refining process has been explained under the heading Vegetable Oil Refining. Troika offers Continuous Refining Plants which are recommended for capacity higher than 25T / 24hrs.

As the name suggests the Refining operation is carried out Continuous.

The steps involved are -

1. Degumming : Here oil is treated with phosphoric acid given in precipitated and separated through centrifugal separator.

2. Neutralization: Here oil is treated with caustic soda. Caustic soda reacts with fatty acid and soap tock is formed. The oil and soap stock are separated by centrifugal force and centrifugal separators. The refining loss is low due to sharp separation of oil and soap.

3. Bleaching : As the name suggest the operation is carried out for removal of coloring pigments from the oil. The step is carried out with the help of bleaching agent which absorbs coloring pigments. The spent bleaching agent is separated from the oil in pressure leaf filters.

4. Deodorisation: In continuous process the oil flows continuously at regulated rate to the deodoriser through a preheater and air-separator and high temperature heater. The deodoriser is kept at high vacuum by barometric vacuum system. The deodoriser is a specially designed column for intimate contact between oil flowing downwards and injected open steam flowing upwards. The deodorised oil leaves the deodoriser through a heat exchanger wherein the hot oil exchanges heat with ingoing cold oil. The deodorised oil is then cooled and passed through sparkling filter.

Quality Control & Process Efficiency:

The process offered by TROIKA is such that the final quality of refined oil is automatically attained with minimum human effort. Lowest refining losses, consumption of utilities such as steam, power and water, lowest consumption of chemicals such as caustic soda, bleaching agents and degumming agents and minimum operating personnel are salient features of TROIKA refining plants.

TROIKA the technocrats to vegetable oil industry since 1971 have supplied equipment at more than 260 installation spread over Twenty Five countries. Whether for oil milling plants, Solvent Extraction plants or Refining plants or Hydrogenation plants you can always count on TROIKA.

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Continuous Refining Line - Plant
Continuous Refining Line - Plant
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