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Commercial accounting point PKU / TER

Commercial accounting point PKU / TER

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandООО «Брянский ЭТЗ»
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Bryansk ETZ LLC produces and supplies PKU (commercial metering station) , designed to improve the reliability of commercial electricity metering.

Commercial metering stations (hereinafter PKU ) are intended for operation in air distribution networks of three - phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz and a rated voltage of up to 10 kV and are used for commercial (settlement) metering of consumed active and reactive electric energy.

An individual approach to customers, components for PKU from leading manufacturers and accumulated work experience make us one of the best companies in the region for the production of commercial metering equipment for electric networks.

Competitive advantages of PKU of our production:

1. In the production of PCUs, powder coating of metal housings of the high - voltage module and metering cabinet is used, which increases the resistance of the metal elements of the product to corrosion, increases their service life, and also allows to maintain an aesthetic appearance for a long time.

2. The mechanism for opening doors "up". The use of the "up" high - voltage module door opener mechanism significantly facilitates equipment maintenance after installation, regardless of the orientation of the control panel on the electrical support.

3. In the production of PCUs, high - quality materials are used to create high tightness in the installation places of bushing insulators due to the use of a combination of: - silicone lining and polymer sealant, which have greater elasticity and resistance to temperature extremes.

4. The presence of drains. The presence of in - house drainage in the high - voltage module and in the metering cabinet body prevents the accumulation of condensate inside the housing, and also prevents the penetration of small insects through the use of a metal mesh.

5. The presence of heating in the metering cabinet, which allows the installation of metering devices, communications and other electrical equipment of various climatic modifications.

6. The use of high - quality components in the manufacture of products. High - quality internal wiring using a terminal block manufactured by WAGO, which provides a reliable and high - quality connection of conductors.

7. A two - door metering cabinet with a degree of protection IP65, allows the customer to safely use the product in places with harmful environmental influences.

PKU scopes

  • As a point of commercial control of electricity at the border of the grid affiliation of the network in case the border passes along the side of 6 (10) kV
  • Commercial control of electricity at the border of the network’s balance sheet when connecting new consumers
  • Control point of unauthorized consumption of electric energy by a consumer
  • Metering of electricity at the border of the network balance sheet between networks of various owners

Climatic modification and placement category UHL1 in accordance with GOST 15150, operating conditions in this case:

  • upper working value of ambient temperature plus 40ºС;
  • lower working value of ambient temperature minus 60ºС;
  • the average annual relative humidity of 75% at a temperature of plus 15 ° C;
  • upper value of relative humidity of 100% at a temperature of plus 25 ° C;
  • the environment is not explosive, not containing gases, vapors, chemical compounds, conductive dust in concentrations that reduce the parameters of the product within unacceptable limits.

Familiarize yourself with the technical specifications of PCUs and order the product through the order form, or call + 7 (4832) 75 - 76 - 56 in Bryansk and our specialists will provide you with comprehensive information on the commercial metering equipment for power grids.

Technical characteristics of the commercial accounting point PKU / TER

N / A Parameter Name PKU / TER
1 Rated voltage, kV 6 (10)
2 The greatest working voltage, kV 7.2 (12)
3 Rated frequency, Hz 50
4 Rated current of the main circuits, A 5,10,15,20,30,40,50,75,80,100,
5 Rated current of secondary circuits, A 5
6 Rated voltage of secondary circuits, V 100
7 Insulation level according to GOST 1516.1 Normal
8 Accuracy class of meter 0,5; 0,5S; 0,2S
9 Degree of protection in accordance with GOST 14254 * IP54

* Degree of protection for cabinet ШУ

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Commercial accounting point PKU / TER
Commercial accounting point PKU / TER
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