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Yttrium Fluoride Thermal Spray Powder

Yttrium Fluoride Thermal Spray Powder

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Yttrium oxide is white to light yellow powder, which is a kind of  rare earth  oxides. It is insoluble in dilute acid, however nearly insoluble in water.

Yttrium Oxide

CAS No. : 1314 - 36 - 9 EINECS No. : 215 - 233 - 5 Molecular Formula: Y2O3 Molecular Weight: 225.81
Melting Point: 2439℃ Boiling Point: 4300℃ Density: 5.03 Flash Point: 12℃


Yttrium(III) oxide granule can apply to thermal spray. For this application, it process into spherical large particle to get great flow ability. It should guarantee the whiteness too. Normally the production method is granulation.

Yttrium trioxide is important material for magnetic material for microwave and military project, which is also for optical glass. It can improve the refractive index of special glass and reduce dispersion index. So it is raw material for high brightness fluorescent powder for large - screen television and coating of other kinescope.

Yttria apply to produce thin film capacitor , special refractory material, high pressure mercury lamp, laser, memory parts and other magnetic bubble material. It is also for artificial laser crystal and superconductive material.

Yttrium(III) oxide powder is additive for lanthanum series glass and high temperature resistance and rediation resistance optical glass. It is also important additive for silicon nitride engineering ceramics, zirconium dioxide engineering ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, photoelectric ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, thermistor ceramics, capacitor ceramics and other functional ceramics.

Yttria powder mainly apply to prepare new magnetic material yttrium iron garnet and solid laser material yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG). It is also a kind of hydrogen storage material.

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Yttrium Fluoride Thermal Spray Powder
Yttrium Fluoride Thermal Spray Powder
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