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1.CoolBest vegetable coolingequipment get rid of conventional vegetables processing method, vegetables can achieve rapid cooling and vacuum preservation.The bacteria and worms in vegetables can be killedunder vacuum conditions in half an hour. At vacuum critical point or rainy and humid conditions, It can improve fresh vegetables rate.The fresh-keeping machinecan handle 1000-6000 kgvegetables each time and 20-120 tons every day,Vegetables can enter the vegetable preservation library after handled by CoolBest vacuum preservation machine, and it can prolong the vegetable fresh-keeping life over 1 month.

2Vacuum pre-cooling equipment is only one of cooling processing equipments, not a storage equipment. Its use is let items quickly cooled to a setting temperature , extract part of ethylene, acetaldehyde, ethanol and other harmful gas inside of fruit and vegetable at the same time, and then take out the items from the equipment.Fresh fruit and vegetables are in a dormant state after vacuum pre cooling. The vitality of the recovery needs some time,which is the preservation period.

3.Fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, edible fungus and otherhorticultural products easily go bad or rot,andcommercial value will be lost. Vacuum precooling and storage technology and equipment is designed to prevent the fresh vegetables, fruits, edible fungus and other fresh crops after harvest from freshness and quality decline during refrigerated transport process. The basic principle is placing the postharvest vegetable & fruit, and other edible fungi in a vacuum processing tank.Water from the surface evaporate under low pressure, the water evaporationobtains the latent heat of evaporation, so as to make the object rapidly and uniformly cooling.After vacuum treatment, items temperature can quickly and uniformly drop to 0 degree or so in 30 minutes,it is the optimum storage temperature, reduce decay, prolonging the preservation period and shelf life. At the same time, cooperate with our production of constant temperature and humidity decompression chamber, it can effectively keepleafy vegetables 70 daysfreshness.

4.Fast cooling speed, generally it only need 20-30 minutes to reach desired refrigerated temperature,it need 10-12 hours for common cold storage cooling, or even longer. So it caneliminatefield heat of vegetables, fruits, flowers and edible fungus after harvest.The heat preservation is fatal.

5.Uniform cooling, vacuum pre-cooling can makeappearance and nuclear of items cooling rapidly, from outside to inside almost at the same time to reach the required temperature,which avoids appearance cool and inside hot phenomenon duringtraditional refrigeration process, Central temperature is hardly decreased rapidly,which cause horticultural products respiratory heat cohesion inside and fresh degree lower.

6.Articles on original appearance ,quality, color, flavor and nutrients arekept best, but also can improve the quality of some of the items.

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Vacuum cooling equipment
Vacuum cooling equipment
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