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  • SurfaceGlossy
  • ColorRAL9010 - soft white RAL9003 -pure white RAL9005 -black RAL1013 - beige RAL3020 - China red/Traffice red

T empered玻璃:

    钢化玻璃是通过将普通玻璃均匀加热到软化点然后淬火而制成的,在玻璃中产生强烈的永久内应力,其中内部拉应力和外部压应力应处于稳定的应力平衡,以强化操作的强度和承载玻璃的容量 和 提高其风压性,耐候性和耐冲击性。

With high strength and thermal stability, tempered glass can be widely applied to the places with special requirements on mechanical strength and security, such as glass curtain walls, balcony doors and windows, high-grade shopwindows, shower rooms, household supplies, balustrade glass of escalators, glass partitions, the places where there are a dense crowd or humans are apt to contact with glass and vulnerable to physical injury (such as stadiums) or the places where are vulnerable to body shocks, such as doors and windows, curtain walls, automobiles, trains and ships and the places where are susceptible to the changes in temperature.


Product Varieties:

We can provide various types of flat/bent tempered glass with different substrate (including clear colourless glass, tinted glass, coated glass or patterned glass) according to requirements, such as balustrade glass, window and door glass, bathroom glass, staircase glass, furniture glass, decorative partition glass, desktop glass, automobile glass and furniture glass. The products will have better multiple excellent features after laminating and hollowing processing.


· Security: tempered glass will be broken into small honeycombed obtuse grains due to external force, and it will not result in serious bodily injury;

·  机械强度高:抗冲击性和抗弯强度高,是普通玻璃的3-5倍;

·  热稳定性:钢化玻璃 具有优异的热稳定性,使其(它)的温度比普通玻璃高3倍。


·  平钢化玻璃最大规格:3300 * 15000mm; 的最小值规格:85 *245毫米

·  弯曲钢化玻璃的最大规格:3660 *2440毫米,的最小值规格:600 *400毫米

·  弯曲钢化玻璃的最小曲率:1200mm

·  厚度:4-19mm

·  产量:180万平方米/年


符合中国GB15763.2-2005; 美国ANSI Z97.1-2004; 欧洲EN12150-1; 澳大利亚标准AS / NZS 2208-1996 

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Tempered glass
Tempered glass
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