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TDP 5 Desktop Tablet Press

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TDP 5 Desktop Tablet Press


If you are looking for a tablet press to help you develop new pills or to test concepts prior to rolling them out for production, the TDP 5’s ability to produce a wide range of tablet sizes in small quantities means that this is definitely the machine for you. Designed to suit the needs of laboratory and developmental work rather than large scale manufacturing, the TDP 5 is nevertheless capable of producing any quantity from just a few tablets all the way up to small production runs of up to 4,800 tablets an hour.

The appeal of this tablet press lies in its versatility, combined with a strong feature set and the high quality of its manufacture. The latter ensures excellent reliability. For all these reasons the TDP 5 is a popular choice for use in research institutes, laboratories, food technology applications, pharmaceutical development, chemical plants and hospitals, or any location where flexibility, ease of use and speed are at a premium.

Technical Specifications

Name Value
Product TDP 5
Number of dies 1
Max Pressure (kN) 50
Max Diameter of Tablet 20 mm / 0.79 in
Max Fill Depth 18 mm / 0.71 in
Max Thickness of Tablet 8 mm / 0.315 in
Max Production Capacity Per Hour 4,800
Number of Filling Stations 1
Double Layered Tablet No
Power USA 110 v, 1 phase, 0.75 kW, 60 Hz
Power UK 240 v, 1 phase, 0.75 kW, 50 Hz
AMP's 5.7



Name Value
Height 800 mm / 31.5 in
Width 400 mm / 15.7 in
Depth 700 mm / 27.5 in
Weight 132 kg / 291.1 lbs

Main Benefits of the TDP 5 Tablet Press:

  • Affordability - Click on the “profit calculator” tab above and see for yourself how fast this pill press will pay for itself. This is a profit - generating machine and few investments exist that pay for themselves this quickly.
  • Training - We offer free training at an LFA facility with every purchase.
  • Lifetime support - If you have never pressed a tablet before, you may get stuck along the way. That’s where LFA comes in. We offer lifetime support. If you have any problems with production, you can phone or email us. We probably already have the solution ready to send to you.
  • Great For Developing New Products - The TDP 5 works with just 200 g of raw materials. If you’re on a budget, this means you won’t have to waste expensive active ingredients before you know your tabletting mix will press properly.
  • Press Tablets Of Any Shape - To help you stand out from the competition, you can choose a shape and size that feels right for your brand.
  • Easy To Change Tooling - If you’re creating multiple products, tooling can be changed easily and quickly to keep downtime low.
  • 4,800 Tablets Per Hour - The TDP 5 is designed for small batch runs and R&D, but if your business grows fast, the TDP 5 will be able to keep up with the demand while you look into more highly productive rotary tablet presses.
  • Choose Your Tablet Weight and Size - The TDP 5’s fill depth is 18 mm, allowing plenty of room for an effective dose of your active ingredient.
  • Tutorials - The TDP range requires slightly more from the operator than the  RTP range . That’s why we’ve created over 75 + tutorial videos on every aspect of creating your tablets on the TDP 5, as well as tackling the most common problems.

Improvements From The Old TDP 5

  • Longer Lasting - The TDP 5 is manufactured by Computer Numerical Control technology meaning there is no manual process in manufacturing. Every part has been built to high tolerances.
  • Easy - to - see Powder Flowability - The boot and hopper are made out of clear food - grade plastic which is dishwashable, and so you can see how well the powder is flowing.
  • Produces Thicker Tablets - The fill depth has increased by 50% to 18 mm, meaning you’ll be able to produce thicker tablets with more active ingredient.
  • Longer Lasting Paintwork - The paintwork has been upgraded to 3 layers of hard enamel. It is longer lasting and less likely to chip than the previous version of the TDP 5.
  • Rust Resistant - All parts are coated with rust - resistant materials so your TDP 5 lasts longer.
  • The motor is quieter, vibrates less, is more efficient and CE certified - The motor is much higher quality.
  • More Power - The belt converts more torque to the upper cam, and is therefore more efficient and will last much longer.
  • Much Easier To Transport - The shipping box fits pump trucks to make transportation much easier and safer.
  • Safer To Operate - The electrics on the TDP 5 are CE certified, giving you the assurance of safe operation.

How Much Training Do I Need To Operate The TDP 5?

For the benefit of those who have never pressed a tablet before on a TDP 5, we have created a video tutorial on everything you will need to know to produce tablets on your TDP 5. .

With the help of our tutorial videos, and training either over Skype or at our facility, you will be able to operate the TDP 5 with ease. It is a relatively simple tablet press, and around 80% of our customers had never used a tablet press before making their purchase.

We’re also able to send one of our engineers to your location to train you and your staff for an additional fee. For more information, please get in touch.

Technical Specifications

The TDP 5 tablet press has measurements of 700 mm x 400 mm x 800 mm, and weighs 125 kg (275.5lbs). It has a turret speed of 1400 r/min when running on electricity, and its motor operates at a maximum power of 0.75 kW for single phase use, and 0.55 kW for three - phase use. The machine can run on mains power that supplies either 110v or 220v.

TDP 5 Tablet Press in Use

This tablet press is exceptionally easy to use, and despite its small size it offers a number of advantages that distinguish it from comparable machines.

To run the pill press by hand you simply place the raw materials in the cone - shaped container, then grasp the wheel and turn it gently. Your newly made tablets will then appear, ready to be bottled. It is a simple process that anyone can learn quickly. If you are just making a few tablets this simplicity really comes into its own and is a key feature of the machine. Alternatively, if you need to produce a larger batch of tablets, just plug your machine in and it will run quickly and smoothly on electric power.

Developing and testing pills often requires the creation of tablets containing similar but slightly different formulations. The TDP 5 includes several features that make it especially suited to this role.


Firstly, it is a highly efficient tablet press whose low consumption helps you achieve more pills from a set amount of raw material. Secondly, a particular advantage of the TDP 5 is that it can be operated using a minimum quantity of just 200 g of material. This is perfect for R&D work, where you may just want to press a few tablets for initial testing purposes. Later, once you have identified promising formulations, you can use the TDP 5 to produce larger batches for distribution in full - scale testing.


Research And Development

When developing tablets, you are often going to need to create different batches of tablets with slightly different formulations to find the most optimal. How well you can develop your product using focus groups and other testing methods is ultimately going to determine your product’s success.

The TDP 5 tablet press is exceptionally efficient in this practice because it only requires 200 g of raw materials, allowing you to produce just a few tablets for initial testing. Once the promising formulations have been identified, you can run the TDP 5 at 4,800 tablets per hour for larger batches.

The TDP 5 makes it easy to quickly change tooling. See how easy it is to do here.


Our TDP 5 is in stock at all times in our UK, US and Taiwan offices, and we dispatch from the office nearest to you so that your machine arrives as quickly and safely as possible. For more details, .

Is The TDP 5 The Right Tablet Press For Me?

The TDP 5 is for the small business or entrepreneur looking for a flexible tablet press to develop and produce tablets. The TDP 5 is popular because of the large maximum tablet diameter and respectable output, making it hard to go wrong with the TDP 5.

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TDP 5 Desktop Tablet Press
TDP 5 Desktop Tablet Press
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