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Ship electric three-post dispenser KPI (EPS) LLC PK "Electromechanical Plant" – PK Elektromehanicheskij zavod, OOO | all.biz
Buy Ship electric three-post dispenser KPI (EPS) LLC PK "Electromechanical Plant"
Ship electric three-post dispenser KPI (EPS) LLC PK "Electromechanical Plant"

Ship electric three-post dispenser KPI (EPS) LLC PK "Electromechanical Plant"

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Russia, Stavropol
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandООО ПК «Электромеханический завод»
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Designed for non - automatic connection and disconnection of power electrical circuits, protection against overloads and short - circuit currents of electrical equipment of ships and berthing equipment with voltage 380V, frequency 50.60 Hz, rated current up to 400A. Allows you to connect two consumers to the electrical network. The third post is intended for connecting small - scale mechanization stations and metering electricity consumption.

Structurally, the columns are made for three types of installation: underground; into a metal or reinforced concrete channel; ground, in an open area; portable.
Overhead speakers are manufactured in a metal casing. In the presence of electricity metering, windows are provided that are closed by doors with a rubber seal.
Portable speakers are made in a lightweight metal case. The portable speaker has two installation options: on legs or on a stand. For transportation of the column, 2 handles are provided.
The columns contain electrical disconnectors consisting of movable contacts mounted on support insulators; fuses or circuit breakers. Electrical consumers to the column are connected to special clamps with copper cables with the following types of cores: single - wire, multi - wire (with a tinned end, sealed at the end, with a pin cable lug, with an end sleeve, a cable lug)
The speakers have fixed positions of moving contacts in the on and off positions, excluding spontaneous switching on and off.
The column allows the possibility of connecting supply cables with copper conductors with or without cable lugs through a special clamp.
The air gaps are at least 12 mm and the leakage distance is at least 20 mm.
The speakers have a degree of protection against environmental influences and from contact with live parts of the GROO in accordance with GOST 14254 - 98. The degree of protection from the side of the drives of devices built into the enclosures corresponds to Ip32 in accordance with GOST 14254 - 98.
Contact connections comply with GOST 10434 - 80
The columns are repairable. Installed failure - free operating time for switching durability is 10,000 hours. The service life of the apparatus is from 5 to 10 years. The guaranteed shelf life in the supplier's packaging is 2 years. The warranty period is 3 years from the date of commissioning.
Altitude above sea level - no more than 2000m, when using devices at an altitude of over 1000m and up to 4500m, the rated current should be reduced by 5% for every 500m
Ambient temperature from - 40 to + 45C. Relative air humidity - 100% at a temperature of 25C
Columns allow: exposure to solar radiation, ice deposition up to 20 mm thick, dew generation, as well as exposure to salt fog.
The degree of pollution of the atmosphere I - III.
Columns are used in electrical networks with grounding systems in accordance with GOST 30331.2 - 95 (IEC 364 - 3 - 93): TN - S (zero working and zero protective conductors work separately); and TN - C (zero working and zero protective combined; TT - (direct connection of equipment cases to ground)
The working position in space is horizontal, entry from the bottom.
Normal operation is permanent. Operation group in terms of the impact of mechanical factors of the external environment M1 in accordance with GOST 17516.1 - 90
The degree of protection provided by the enclosure on the drive side - IP32 in accordance with GOST 14254 - 69

The columns comply with the safety requirements established by GOST 12.2.007 - 75, GOST P5OZO.3 - 99 (IEC 60947 - 3 - 99); technical regulation TS 004/2011 "On the safety of low - voltage equipment" and technical regulation TS020 / 2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment"
Columns are manufactured for domestic supplies, supplies to the CIS countries and comply with GOST R5OZO.3 - 99 (IEC 60947 - 3 - 99), GOST 51321.1 - 00
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Ship electric three-post dispenser KPI (EPS) LLC PK "Electromechanical Plant"
Ship electric three-post dispenser KPI (EPS) LLC PK "Electromechanical Plant"
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