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Power, Auxiliary, Control, Communication cable

Power, Auxiliary, Control, Communication cable

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Our company provides various types of top drive supporting cables, NOV VARCO, CANRIG, BPM, TPEC, Jinghong and other brands of top drive cables, imported from the United States, can provide cable optimization and customization and other technical advice, manufacturer customization, logistics and distribution, after - sales service integration.

Top drive cable include:

1. Power cable

2. Auxiliary cable

3. Control cable

4. Communication cable

The top drive cables sold by our company are made of selected imported materials, and the materials selected for the insulation layer of the lead - aluminum protective layer are checked layer by layer, including the soft conductor and the outer sheath coated on the soft conductor, which is composed of a number of thin copper wires. Each strand of fine copper wire is composed of a number of thin copper wires, and a thin steel wire is arranged in each fine copper wire. A filling rope is arranged in the soft conductor, and an isolation layer, an insulating layer and a braided layer are arranged between the outer sheath and the soft conductor from the outside to the inside. The advantages are: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, freezing resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, tensile properties and torsional properties.

The interior of the swimming cable is potting with insulated silicone to fix the cable to prevent friction when the cable comes back to bend, and the two ends are sealed with a new type of high hardness insulation material to prevent water intake. Strict drying treatment should be carried out before adding chemical materials such as epoxy resin and quartz powder, so that bubbles and moisture can not enter the cable plug, and the edge of the lead sheath should be insulated and strengthened.

NOV(varco)top drive cable mainly power cable : auxiliary power cable (19 - core auxiliary power cable), control cable (42 - core control cable), including series TDS - 9SA, TDS - 10SA, TDS - 11SA, TDS - 8SA.

BPM top drive cable, mainly power cable : au

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Power, Auxiliary, Control, Communication cable
Power, Auxiliary, Control, Communication cable
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