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Polyimide Silicone Adhesive Tape

Polyimide Silicone Adhesive Tape

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Polyimide Adhesive Tape with Silicone Resin (KY6250SG / KY6250SZ)

Polyimide Silicone Adhesive Tape is made of polyimide film coated with heat-resistant silicone adhesive, due to its stable press-sensitive macromolecule adhesive layer under high temperature, the tape offers excellent properties of heat resistance, electrical insulation, solvent resistance and radiation protection. It is innocuity, no abnormal smell, which doesn't cause damage to human-beings and the environment. KY6250SG offers better elongation at rupture, and is used for electrical insulation of electrical equipment and high temperature insulation. It offers the highest heat resistance among film adhesive tapes, so it can also be applied for insulation in high grade equipments, motors, Li batteries. While KY6250SZ can be applied to protect the golden finger of PCB during wave soldering with no adhesive left after the tape is torn off. It can also be applied for shielding in high temperature condition.

Properties Unit KY6250SG KY6250SZ
Nominal Thickness(PI + Silicone) mm 0.025+0.035 0.025+0.035
Breakdown strength KV 6.5 ≥ 5.0
Tensile strengh N/25 mm ≥ 135 ≥ 110
Elongation ≥ 50 ≥ 30
Peeling strength N/25 mm ≥ 6.2


Working temperature 180℃(long-term ) 260℃(15 minutes, no remains of adhesive)
Short-term ultimate working temperature - 73 ~ + 268


Length: 33m(36 yds)(for special size and new product, please don't hesitate to contact us.)

Max width: 500mm

Min Qty: 1000 m^2 each size in a lot.

Shelf life: one year from the data of delivery. It can still be used if it is qualified by testing after one year according to above Technical Requirement.

Packing: carton for exporting.

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Polyimide Silicone Adhesive Tape
Polyimide Silicone Adhesive Tape
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