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Paper machine for the production of office paper buy in Zhengzhou
Buy Paper machine for the production of office paper
Paper machine for the production of office paper

Paper machine for the production of office paper

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This photo shows our paper machine for writing and printing paper. It is suitable for the production of A4 office paper, newsprint, writing paper, etc. The density of paper can be from 50 to 300 g / cm, raw materials can serve as wood pulp and waste paper. The speed of this machine is 300 m / min, the width of the blade is 1092-4100 mm. The daily production volume is 50-100 tons.


Peculiarities of the construction of the paper machine


1. Headbox: This machine uses an open-type pressure box that consists of a conical tube, a multi-cone diffuser, a straightening shaft, and a housing. The pulp dispenser with a porous organic glass plate is provided with a three-stage diffuser. The upper and lower edges of the cut are made of stainless steel. The upper edge is equipped with full and local control.


2. Forming section (Wet section): The length of the mesh table is 18,000 mm. With the exception of the bearing block, which is made of aluminum alloy, the whole frame is made of structural steel by welding and covered with a layer of stainless steel 1.5 mm thick. The forming section of the papermaking machine consists of a cantilever roll, a chest board, a hydroplane, an aspiration bar, a vacuum gauch-shaft, a tensioning roller, a pneumatic correction device and an equalizing roller.


3. Press section: In the press section of the papermaking machine, there is installed a vacuum shaft with a vacuum gripper and three suction rollers.


4. Drying section: In the drying section of this machine there are 28 sets of drying cylinders with a diameter of 1500 mm, heated by steam and one cylinder with a diameter of 3000 mm. Paper dryers are divided into groups. The sequence of the grouping is as follows: 6 drying cylinders, 6 drying cylinders, 8 drying cylinders, 1 drying cylinder, size press and 8 drying cylinders. They are driven by a reducer and lubricated with a low viscosity oil.


5. Drive section and control section: We install a sectional drive system on our paper machines, which consists of an AC variable frequency motor, a gear with abrasion resistant teeth and a universal spindle. The machine is controlled by a fully digital control system with feedback.


6. Calender and rewind: The machine for the production of writing and printing paper from Dekelon 'is equipped with a calender of high quality and a horizontal knurling-cutting machine.

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Paper machine for the production of office paper
Paper machine for the production of office paper
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