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Liquid NPK 170-170-170 Foliar Fertilizer buy in Beihai
Buy Liquid NPK 170-170-170 Foliar Fertilizer
Liquid NPK 170-170-170 Foliar Fertilizer

Liquid NPK 170-170-170 Foliar Fertilizer

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandGreencare Agri
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • Weight1 L
  • Release formSolution
  • Method of manufacturingMixed
  • Type of fertilizerNPK
  • Aggregate stateLiquid
  • PackagingPlastic Bottle
  • Liquid NPK 170-170-170 Foliar Fertilizer

Liquid NPK Foliar Fertilizer 170 - 170 - 170


Low - molecular - weight active ingredients:

☆ Chitosan: natural growth promoter, natural "plant vaccine";

☆Seaweed extract: natural plant cytokinin.




This product is high - content macro - aqueous fertilizer with low molecular weight marine active substances such as chitosan, seaweed and characteristic proteins prepared by international advanced solubilization technology and bio - chelating technology. The product also contains bio - chelating products. Trace elements, which have the functions of promoting flower bud differentiation, old shoots, ripening, promoting flowers and fruits, sweetening of fruit, coloring and storage, disease resistance, antifreeze, anti - stagnation and drought resistance, etc. , can be widely applied to fruits and vegetables, grain and cotton oil, crops such as flowers.



1. Promote flower bud differentiation, mature new shoots, prolong flowering period, and preserve flowers and fruits;

2. Promote fruit swelling, increase fruit hardness, and extend the harvest period;

3. The fruit has fast color change and high sugar content, which improves fruit quality;

4. Improve photosynthesis, enhance stress resistance and disease resistance;

5. Reduce the incidence of stiff fruit, effectively alleviate the problems of baldness without buds and few branches.


1. Super concentrated, comprehensive nutrition, containing a variety of chelated trace elements;

2. The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is reasonable, which can meet the nutrient requirements of the crop roots, stems and leaves during the rapid growth period, and promote the growth not to be excessive;

3. Fully soluble in water, no impurities, fast absorption, quick effect;

4. High safety, without any chemical hormones and any harmful ingredients outside of the label.


Application Strategies:

1. 170 - 170 - 170 + TE, comprehensively balanced nutrition, high activity, fast fertilizer effect, fast supplement of nutrition, promoting growth but not sluggish growth, suitable for use in the whole growth period of crops. Foliar spraying: diluted 600 - 800 times; drip irrigation: 3 - 8kg per mu each time.

2. 100 - 300 - 100 + TE, strong roots and strong seedlings, quickly promote the differentiation of flower buds, increase the number of flowers, preserve flowers and fruits, and improve flower quality and fruit setting rate. Foliar spray: diluted 600 - 800 times.

3. 100 - 100 - 300 + TE, suitable for fruit expansion period, promote fruit without rigidity, beautiful fruit and anti - cracking. Drip irrigation: 5 - 8kg per mu each time; foliar spraying: diluted 600 - 800 times.

4. 50 - 280 - 420 + TE, low - nitrogen, high - phosphorus and high - potassium formula, uniformly expand, increase the toughness of the peel, good appearance, beautiful color, and improved quality. Foliar spray: diluted 600 - 1000 times.

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Liquid NPK 170-170-170 Foliar Fertilizer
Liquid NPK 170-170-170 Foliar Fertilizer
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