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GOST 13840−68 of steel wire Ropes 1x7 buy in Tianjin
Buy GOST 13840−68 of steel wire Ropes 1x7
GOST 13840−68 of steel wire Ropes 1x7

GOST 13840−68 of steel wire Ropes 1x7

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1.1. The ropes are divided by kind of production:

— with the release;

— with the release energised (stable) — S.

(Added, Rev. N 2).

1.1. The diameters and parameters of the ropes and the size of the wires constituting the rope shall be as specified in the drawing and in the table.


Rope diameter  , mm

Tolerance — emoe deviation from the nomi — nal — tion dia — meter, mm

wire rope, mm

Nominal cross — sectional area Pro — fiber rope, mm

Nominal weight of 1 m length of the rope, kg

Step lay of the rope, mm

Time Rybnoe force, kN (kgf)

The condition that the force at strength limit current honor R , kN (kgf)

Regarding Sitel — ing the elongation before the gap — tion, %

Times — ing company of telle — tion of the gap — Woo  , N/mm (kgf/mm )

Conditi — tion limit of the current honor  , N/mm (kgf/mm )

Relaxation on initial load of 0.7 from the actual breaking strength over a period of 1,000 h, % , not more, for ropes according to the type of production

conditi — tion

nomi — nal — tion


the Central

with let — kom

with let — kom energized












+ 0,15
- 0,3

Of 2.05




40,6 (4140)

34,9 (3515)













93,5 (9540)

79,5 (8105)


1770 (180)







Of 12.40

+ 0,2
- 0,4






164,01 (16700)

139,5 (14200)


1770 (180)

1500 (153)









232,0 (23600)

197,0 (20050)


1670 (170)

1410 (144)







1. Change the diameters of the wires constituting the rope, to within ±0.1 mm, the rope diameter should not exceed the limits set in the table.

2. The rules of relaxation for the ropes to leave will come into force from 01.01.89.

3. Requirements for the manufacturing of ropes with the release of under voltage with the normalized relaxation properties are introduced with effect from 01.01.90.

(Changed edition, Rev. N 2).

Examples of symbols

Rope semiprivacy nominal diameter 6.0 mm, the conditional yield strength of 1500 N/mm
(153 kgf/mm ), with the release:

6 K7−150

0 GOST 13840−68

Rope semiprivacy nominal diameter 12.0 m, the conditional yield strength of 1500 N/mm
(153 kgf/mm ), with the release under tension:

12 K7−1500 - S GOST 13840−68.

(Changed edition, Rev. N 2).

(Amendment. IUS 4−2001).


2.1. Ropes made from steel wire grades 70, 75, 80, 85 according to GOST 14959 or normative - technical documentation in accordance with the requirements of this standard for technological regulations approved in the prescribed manner.

2.2. The ropes are made right lay linear touch the wires.

The ropes should be neraskryvshiesya.

2.1, 2.2. (Changed edition, Rev. N 2).

2.3. The rope should be straight.

Rope think straight if the segment of the rope length of at least 1.3 m in free styling on a plane forms a segment with base 1 m and height not exceeding 75 mm.

At the customer’s request the height of the segment must not exceed 25 mm.

(Changed edition, Rev. N 2, 3).

2.4. The ropes should not be dangling wires, intersecting and protruding beyond the specified tolerances, the diameter of the rope.

2.5. On the surface of the wire rope should be free of cracks, shells, shells, bundles, dents and cuts.

Allowed individual surface defects such as nicks, scratches and marks from pulling no more than 1/3 of the permissible deviations for the diameter of the rope, as well as the color of a tint and a touch of rust.

2.4, 2.5. (Changed edition, Rev. N 2).

2.6. 50 m length of the rope allowed not more than two wire splices, at the request of the consumer — no more than one weld, the distance between welds should not be less than 1 M.

(Changed edition, Rev. N 3).

2.7. The length of the rope of all diameters shall be not less than 1000 m. Permissible deviation of the length of the rope should not be more than 1.5% .

Allowed for cables of all diameters, lengths of less than 1000 m but not less than 200 m not more than 30% of the party, at the request of the consumer — not more than 10% of the party.

(Changed edition, Rev. N 2. 3).

2.8−2.10. (Deleted, Rev. N 2).

2.11. The mechanical properties of ropes shall be as specified in the table.

2.12. 2.13. (Deleted, Rev. N 2).


3A.1. Ropes take parties. The party must consist of ropes of the same diameter, one kind of manufacture, must have the same number of step lay and furnished by a single document about quality that contains:

is the trademark or name and trademark of manufacturer;

— the symbol of the rope;

— the batch number;

— step lay of the rope;

— test results;

the weight of the party;

— the numbers (or the number) of inlets;

— the date of manufacture of ropes.

(Changed edition, Rev. N 3).

3A.2. The surface quality of the rope, the diameter and pitch of the stranding test in each Bay.

3A.3. To check mechanical properties, straightness and neraskruchennosti rope from each batch selected 3% of the inlets, but not less than three bays with a single length of rope.

3A.4. The test relaxation is conducted periodically at least once in six months.

3A.5. If unsatisfactory test results of at least one of the indicators, it conducted a re - test at twice the sample. The results of repeated tests spread to the entire party.

Sec. 3A. (Added, Rev. N 2).


3.1. To determine the mechanical properties, straightness and neraskruchennosti rope take one sample from the Bay.

3.2. The surface quality of the rope checked with the naked eye.

3.3. Rope diameter are measured by Vernier caliper according to GOST 166 with divisions of 0.1 mm or micrometer according to GOST 6507 with a scale division of 0.01 mm.

3.4. Step lay of the rope is determined by the ruler according to GOST 427 with a scale division of 1 mm at a distance of not less than 5 m from the end of the rope.

The distance between the welds is measured by tape according to GOST 7502 with a scale division of 1 mm.

3.1−3.4. (Changed edition, Rev. N 2).

3.5, 3.6. (Deleted, Rev. N 2).

3.7. Determination of breaking strength, elongation at break, as well as the efforts with the conditional yield strength is carried out according to GOST 12004.

If the test sample rupture occurred at the place of fixing and breaking strength meets the requirements of this standard, the test is deemed valid.

(Changed edition, Rev. N 1).

3.8. Prescriptivist rope check removing dressings and welding with the end of the rope. Thus in prescripcialis the ropes of wire for a distance of not more than two diameters from the end of the rope should not be loose or can get loose so that they can be easily returned to its original position.

3.9. To control the straightness of a sample unit not less than 1.3 m is placed on a flat surface. For the loose sample of rope down the bar with a length of 1 m in the middle of which is installed at a right angle ruler with a scale division of 1 mm. With a ruler measure the height of the segment formed by the rope and strap.

3.10. Control of relaxation is carried out according to the method approved in the prescribed manner.

3.8−3.10. (Changed edition, Rev. N 2).


4.1. The ropes put a wound in coils with internal diameter not less than 1100 mm. the ends of the rope, wound in coils shall be securely attached to the turns of the Bay. Mass Bay shall be not less than 1000 kg. customer’s request is allowed the weight of the Bay is less.

The rope uncoiled in the Bay, should be tied with a heat - treated wire according to GOST 3282 or other normative and technical documentation or tape according to GOST 3560или other normative - technical documentation not less than six places, evenly spaced around the circumference and fastened between themselves along the perimeter.

At the customer’s request ropes subjected to packaging (wrapping a waterproof paper or synthetic materials).

Packing ropes that are sent to the far North and remote areas — according to GOST 15846.

4.2. Allowed to wrap into the Bay a few lengths of rope of the same diameter, in this case, the ends of each cut must have a binding of heat treated wire churchyard 3282 or other regulatory - technical documentation and firmly connected.

4.3. The ropes deliver consistent.

4.4. Each Bay must be attached to the label, which indicate:

is the trademark or name and trademark of manufacturer;

— the batch number;

numbers (or number of coils);

— the symbol of the rope;

— the length of the rope indicating the length of each segment of rope;

— net weight of rope;

— the date of manufacture of rope.

(Changed edition, Rev. N 3).

4.5. Transport marking under GOST 14192.

4.6. Ropes transporterowych conditions 8 GOST 15150 all kinds of transport in accordance with cargo carriage regulations applicable to transport of this species. Stowage and securing of cargoes in vehicles must meet the specifications of loading and fastening of cargoes, approved by the Ministry of Railways of the USSR.

Transportation ropes by rail is carload and LTL shipments.

4.7. Storage of the ropes — the terms 5 GOST 15150. Never store ropes on the earthen floor.

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GOST 13840−68 of steel wire Ropes 1x7
GOST 13840−68 of steel wire Ropes 1x7
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