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Drying accelerator

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The drying accelerator is recommended for use in conditions of low air moisture content to reduce the drying time of one - pack polyurethane compositions ZINOTAN , FERROTAN , ALUMOTAN , POLYTON - UR and GOODLINE PU - 15 enamels manufactured by NPH VMP CJSC.

 Ambient air parameters 
Temperature, о С  Relative humidity, %
10 twenty thirty 40 fifty 60 70 80
0 + + + + + + + +
10 + + + + + +    
twenty + + +          
thirty + +            
 Note: Conditions with low moisture content in the air are marked with a " + "





The drying accelerator is a solution of fatty acid salts.


Before using the drying accelerator, thoroughly mix the paint and varnish material (LKM), completely pour the contents of the container with the drying accelerator into the LKM with the mass indicated in the table:

paint material
(Paintwork) / weight of paintwork
in a container, kg
Drying accelerator, quantity 
packs 0.4 kg 
per container of paintwork materials
Mass fraction of the accelerator 
drying, %  
Viability of paintwork materials after adding 
drying accelerator,
h, not less
drying time of the coating
in an open container in a closed container 
ZINOTAN / 25 kg one 1.6 12 24 2 - 4 times
POLYTON - UR / 25 kg one 1.6 2 6 1.5 - 2.5 times
FERROTAN / 15 kg one 2.6 2 eight 2 - 4 times
ALUMOTAN / 17 kg 2 4.7 2 6 1.5 - 2.5 times


After adding the drying accelerator to the paintwork materials, it is necessary to mix the material again until it is homogeneous.


When preparing paintwork materials in quantities different from standard packaging, it is necessary to strictly observe the mass ratio of the components according to the table.

The use of a drying accelerator reduces the pot life of the paint and varnish material, therefore it is necessary to use it within the time indicated in the table.


The drying accelerator is packed in plastic cans.

Storage conditions - in a sealed manufacturer's container indoors at temperatures from plus 

10 ° С to plus 30 ° С away from heat sources. Containers with a drying accelerator should not be exposed to atmospheric precipitation and direct sunlight.


The guaranteed shelf life of the drying accelerator in a hermetically sealed manufacturer's container is 6 months.

from the date of manufacture.



When working with the drying accelerator, observe the relevant industry codes and regulations and the precautions noted on the container label.

It is necessary to use personal protective equipment (goggles, masks, respirators) and avoid inhalation of solvents by evaporation and contact with the skin, mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract, use indoors only with sufficient ventilation.

The drying accelerator is a fire hazardous material.

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Drying accelerator
Drying accelerator
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