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Diamond saw blade, saw blade, cutting granite head buy in Zhengzhou
Buy Diamond saw blade, saw blade, cutting granite head
Diamond saw blade, saw blade, cutting granite head

Diamond saw blade, saw blade, cutting granite head

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandYW
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • Size50mm*100mm
  • KeywordsPDC
  • modelas your request
  • materialpolycrystalline diamond

diamond blade, saw blade, cutting granite head body of work is diamond saw. Diamond saw blade is made of diamonds and matrix binder composition, diamond is a superhard material, acts as the cutting edge, the binding agent functions as a fixed matrix of diamond, the elemental metal powder or metal alloy powder composition, different composition formula is called, according to different purposes, different formulations and diamond. Diamond saw blade manufacturing history can be described as inevitable under pressure metal powder sintering process, it is a powder metallurgy process: well-balanced dishes miscellaneous metal powder at a high temperature (800-1000 ℃) and the inevitable pressure (180- 250Kgf / cm2), through a process of diffusion between the powder particles, welding, compound, and a series of physical and chemical recrystallization disseminated form a sintered body having a shape and an inevitable function of the machine, namely the tip.
diamond saw blade, saw blade, cutting blade granite selection process:
1. Before we produce diamond segment, diamond granularity scientific selection, to ensure that as granite diamond blade cutter head, marble diamond blades, diamond cutting blade made of sandstone select long life
2. distribution of diamond concentration: within a certain range, when the diamond concentration changes from low to high, sharp and cutting blade decreased efficiency, and gradually extend the service life; but the concentration is too high, the blade becomes blunt. The use of low concentrations of coarse-grained, efficiency will be increased. Using different parts of the role of each head in sawing, using different concentrations (i.e., at three or more layer structure may be employed in a lower concentration of the intermediate layer), the saw blade during work tip recess is formed in the middle, there are It helps prevent blade deflection, thereby improving the quality of stone processing.
3. strength in the diamond segment in diamond selection: diamond cutting strength is to ensure that an important indicator of performance. High intensity cause crystal is broken, when using abrasive grains are polished, sharpness decreased, resulting in deterioration of the performance of the tool; diamond when strong enough, after easily broken by the impact, it is difficult to assume the task of cutting. You should choose a strength 130 ~ 140N.
4. Select the binder phase: saw blade performance depends not only on the diamond, but on the diamond and the binder with the proper performance of the overall configuration of the tip of this composite. For marble and other soft stone, head of the mechanical properties requirement is relatively low, the choice of copper-based binder. However, copper-based binder low sintering temperature strength, low hardness and high toughness, diamond bonding strength was low. When added to tungsten carbide (WC), with WC or W2C as a skeleton of metal, with the right amount of cobalt to improve the strength, hardness and binding properties, and add a small amount of low melting point, low hardness of Cu, Sn, Zn and other metals as the adhesive phase. The main ingredient plus 200 mesh size should be fine to add ingredients should be finer than 300 mesh size.
5. sintering diamond segment selection: the temperature, the degree of densification carcass increased bending strength also will increase, and with the holding time, and Blank carcass diamond knot after the first block of the flexural strength increased and then decreased optional sintering process at 800 ℃ 120s to meet the performance requirements.

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Diamond saw blade, saw blade, cutting granite head
Diamond saw blade, saw blade, cutting granite head
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