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Catalyst Octylferrocene (cas51899-44-2)

Catalyst Octylferrocene (cas51899-44-2)

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Executive standard:GJB1671-93

English name:n-Octylferrocene

CAS RN:51899-44-2

1. Physical and chemical properties:

1.1 Molecule formula:C18H26Fe

1.2 Molecule Weight:298.24

1.3 Structural formula:

2. Technique indexes:

Item Index
Fe content, % (mm) 17.0-17.8
Carbon,% (mm) 73.1-73.8
Hydrogen,%(mm) 9.0-9.4
Ferrocene,% (mm) ≤0.6
Ratio of three isomers in mono matter 0.8-1.6:1.2-1.81.0
Viscosity,(25℃),mPaS 25-60
Evaporation losses ≤4
Appearance Red-brown oil-liking liquid

3. Uses:The product has been mainly used as combustion supporting catalyst for composite solid propellants, oil-saving and smoke-eliminating agent for fuel oils, combustion supporting catalyst for gas and ultraviolet absorbent etc.

4. Safety notes:Octylferrocene will be oxidized slowly when it's exposed to air , polymerized in high temperature, and burned if contacting with strong oxidizers.

5. Package:Wooden case, in which is put the plastic kegs, two kegs a case, net weight 10 kg a keg, net weight 20 kg a case.

6. Storage: Keep airtightly in a shady and ventilating place. Its shelf life is 12 months. It can be still used if up to standard through retest after the specified date.

7.Transportation:Mustn't place upside down , should avoid sunning and extruding during transportation. Don't take mixed transportation with strong oxidizers.

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Catalyst Octylferrocene (cas51899-44-2)
Catalyst Octylferrocene (cas51899-44-2)
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