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Catalyst Ferrocene (cas102-54-5)

Catalyst Ferrocene (cas102-54-5)

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executive standard: GB9722-88

English name: Ferrocene

English alias: Biscyclopentadienyliron

Learn name: Double loop glutarie alkenyl iron

CAS RN :102-54-5

1, physical and chemical properties:

molecular formula: Fe(C5H5)2

molecular weight: 186.03

melting point: 173 - 176℃

sublimation point: 100℃

boiling point: 249℃


item name index
purity ( ) ≥ 98 99
free iron( ppm ) ≤ ppm 200 100
Toluene insoluble physical ≤ 0.3 0.1
melting point(℃) 172-174 172-174
moisture % ≤ 0.1 0.1
Appearance Orange Powder Orange Powder


1.Used as fuel catalyst for rocket (aeroplane) propellant, it can improve combustion speed by 1-4 times, lower the temperature of exhaust pipes, and avoid infrared chase.

It can be used as gasoline antiknock (in place of tetrasthyl lead) to produce leadless gasoline.

2.Used in fuel oils such as diesel oil, heavy oil, light oil ect, It can eliminate smoke, save energy and reduce air pollution. Adding 0.1% Ferrocene to diesel oil can cut down the consumption of oil by 10--14%, eliminate smoke by 30--70%, and improve power by more than 10%. And no deposit is left at the spray. So it plays a dominant role in the development of fuel oils and improvement of their moderate conditions.

3.It can promote ammonia synthesis reaction under moderate condition.

4.As protective agent and stabilizer, it can increase softening point and heat stability of polymer, improve the properties of plastic, fuser, cellulose ect; protect polynthene, polypropene, polyster ect, from depolymerization caused by ultraviolet.

5.Used in luminous sensitive materials, it can replace silver on film. moreover, it can also be used in photosensitive copy and printing with high resolution.

6.It can be used for making large scale integrated circuit board, enhancing light sensitivity by four times, improving accuracy, simplifying technical process, and eliminating pollution.

7.As photosensitive catalyst, it can promote the photochemical degadation of plastic films, reducing white pollution.

8.It is used as medical ingredients for anticancer, antibiotic, and blood-tonic preparations.

9.It can be used for making quality carbonicellulose. It can be used as biochemical and analytical reagent.

Safe means: ferrocene exposed to air slow oxidation, high temperature polymerization, in strong oxidizer burning. UN 9188

Packing: in plastic woven bag lined with two layers, the net weight of each bag is 25 kg.

Storage: a cool ventilated place store airtight. Guarantee period of 12 months, after which the review qualified can still use.

Transportation: transport process should be from rain, wet will, cannot and must be strong oxidizer.

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Catalyst Ferrocene (cas102-54-5)
Catalyst Ferrocene (cas102-54-5)
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