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Bulkhead embedded Insulating Glass

Bulkhead embedded Insulating Glass

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandPioneer glass
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • SurfaceGlossy
  • ColorRAL9010 - soft white RAL9003 -pure white RAL9005 -black RAL1013 - beige RAL3020 - China red/Traffice red
  • ProfileMax. Size: 3000×15000mm; Min. Size: 300 × 600mm Total Thickness: 2.78~75mm; "

 Insulating glass is a kind of glass product with a drying air space. It is composed of two or more pieces of glass as effective support and partition and uses seal around the edges. The glass is partitioned with hollow aluminum alloy bulkhead filled with desiccant or compound seal string, and the cavity layer is filled with dry air or inert gas. The bulkhead and glass are sealed with butyl adhesive before the treatment with polysulfide sealant or structural sealant. Insulating glass can be categorized into two-layer and multilayer insulating glass according to the number of cavities. The former is composed of two pieces of plate glass and one cavity, and the latter is composed of more than two pieces of glass and two or more cavities. The more the number of cavities, the better the thermal and acoustic insulation will be. The two-layer and three-layer insulating glass with two cavities are most widely used.

  The bulkhead embedded insulating glass and blind insulating glass developed by our Company are composed of pieces of glass with various artistic patterns and embedded with bulkheads or blind of various materials. It can provide good features of energy conservation, decoration and privacy protection. It can be widely used in glass curtain walls, doors and windows of industrial and civil construction, the glass parts of automobiles, trains, ships, aircrafts and instruments, and the places that require thermal insulation and temperature control and dew control, such as observation door of freezers and cold storages, to prevent frost and .



  • It can meet the requirements on lighting, scenic, decorative and environmental protection, and solve the issues of the comfortable and beautiful living environment and noise control.
  • It has good thermal insulation: it can effectively prevent outdoor heat into the room in summer and prevent interior heat loss in winter, reducing air conditioner fees and saving energy, as shown in Table 2-2.
  • Excellent temperature tolerance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance, frost resistance and dew resistance.
  • The insulating glass  self-cleaning glass has a number of special features: water affinity, mildew proof, deodorizing, degrading organic pollutants, decomposing harmful gases and purifying the air.

Production Capacity:

  • Max. Size3700mm×2440mm
  • Min. Size245mm×180mm
  • Spacer Width: 6mm, 8mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15mm and 20mm
  • Thickness: From 46A4 mm To 1920A19 mm
  • Productivity: 750,000/ year
  • The specification on orders is negotiable

Complying with Chinese GB/T 11944-2002; American ASTM E 2190; European EN1279-4; Australian standard AS/NZS 4666:2000

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Bulkhead embedded Insulating Glass
Bulkhead embedded Insulating Glass
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