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Braze welding diamond grinding tools

Braze welding diamond grinding tools

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  • BrandYW
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is the use of a melting point of the solder to the base material (brazing material are) filled with a low melting point metal (referred to as solder or solder), at a temperature below the melting point of the parent metal, the solder is higher than the melting point, the use of liquid solder material in the base metal surface wetting, spreading and caulk the gap in the base material, dissolution and mutual diffusion and the base material, and the welding method of connection between the parts. Brazing small deformation, the joint is smooth and beautiful, suitable for welding precision, complex components and composed of different materials, such as honeycomb structural panels, turbine blades, carbide cutting tools and printed circuit boards. Prior to brazing the workpiece must be meticulous and rigorous cleaning process to remove oil and thick oxide film, ensure that the interface assembly space. General requirements in the gap between 0.01 to 0.1 mm.
brazing process: cleaning the surface of the workpiece in an overlapping pattern good fit together, the solder joint gap in between or near the joint space. When the workpiece and the solder is heated to a temperature slightly above the melting point of the solder, the solder melts (workpiece unmelted), and is sucked by means of capillary action and filled the gap between the workpiece solid, liquid solder metal interdiffusion and the workpiece is dissolved, cold suspect after the formation of brazed joints.

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Braze welding diamond grinding tools
Braze welding diamond grinding tools
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