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Clay Nairit CR 2302

Clay Nairit CR 2302

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandПоляра-Хим
  • Country of manufactureUkraine




Clay Nairit CR 2302 contact adhesive for pasting of skin, rubber, polymeric materials.

The scope of Clay nairit.

Glue is specially developed for pasting of skin of natural iiskusstvenny, sheet rubber, textiles. It is recommended for production of an iremont of footwear – an inhaling, gluing of a sole from sheet rubber, in that chisleporisty.

Nairit properties of Glue.

- High durability and good thermal stability of connection.

- Resistance to hydrolysis (water resistance) and to influence to acid of oil products.

- Good plasticity of connection, including at nizkikhtemperatura.

- Simplicity of drawing.

- High adhesion to the majority of porous materials.

- Big open time.

Nairit Tekhnicheskayakharakteristik Clay.


Polychloroprene (Baypren / Neoprene)



Contents nonvolatile, %

20 – 22

Viscosity at 20 ° C, mpa*s

apprx. 2500

Density, g/cm3

apprx. 0,83

Maximum open time, min.


Durability of glue connection in 24 hours, stratifying, N/cm

50 – 60

Time of achievement of 70% of the maximum durability of connection, mines


Thermal stability of connection, ° C



Clay's packing nairit.

Metal tin 2,8l   5 cans in a cardboard box

Bucket metal 20 l

Tank of metal 50 l

Itransportirovaniye Gluing storage nairit.

Warranty period of storage - 12 months in the closed zavodskoyupakovka at a temperature from +5 to +20 ° C far from fire sources.


Glue is flammable. When using not to smoke, work vdaliot sources of fire and sparking. Glue is made with use of malotoksichnykhrastvoritel, nevertheless to work with glue in well aired rooms, and in industrial conditions in rooms with stitched exhaust ventilation. At transportation at negative temperatures viscosity of glue increases, but at

hit to the warm room of property of glue vosstanavlivayutsyabez interventions.

Clay's application nairit.


Skin to tousle, smooth out and degrease, to smooth out rubber to iobezzhirit, fabrics – without processing. All details have to be pure and without dust.

Clay's drawing nairit.

Glue is applied with a brush on both stuck together surfaces. The recommended temperature of putting glue of 18 - 22 ° C, humidity of 60 - 65%. Dlyasilno of the absorbing rubbers is recommended double putting glue with intervalom10 minutes between drawings. For the surfaces which are not absorbing glue – single.


The glue film has to be dried up under natural conditions. Necessary time of drying depends on temperature and usually makes 8 – 12 min. It is easy to define the end of drying to the touch – glue stops being sticky.


To press products to each other glue films and to squeeze (to press) or roll rollers. To leave under netneobkhodimost loading. Effort of a clip of 3 - 3,5 kg/cm2.

Attention. Time between drying of glue and tightening not to dolzhnoprevyshat open time - for this glue – 60 minutes. In 2 – 3 hours of a prochnostkleevy seam reaches 70% of maximum. From this point to mozhnoekspluatirovat connection. Further increase of durability happens slowly, in techenii30 – 40 hours.



Information provided in this document is correct as far as allow to judge the data which are available for us by the time of the publication. The provided information is intended only as the general technical information and  it is not considered  a guarantee or the specification of quality. Information belongs only to a dannomumaterial and can be invalid for similar material, combination ispolzuyemog with any other materials or in any process if only by a vow it is not mentioned in the text.

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Clay Nairit CR 2302
Clay Nairit CR 2302
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