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Champignon field

Champignon field

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Champignon field representative of family of agarikovy. In the people call champignon sidewalk, champignon a meadow, sheep mushroom. To British it is known as "a horse mushroom". Such "animal" names appeared at this champignon from behind its addiction to the soil fertilized by manure. Cultivation on a personal plot. The soil of 2,5 – 3kv.m to vspushit, seed a mycelium (in holes on depth the 5-7th and on distance the 15-18th). From above to scatter compost depth the 5-7th. To water in the drop way, temperature condition 16-29os. Will begin to fructify in 2-2,5 months. After growth of a mycelium (12 – 15 days) to cover with the garden soil 2 cm high. Once a year from above on a mycelium scatter a layer of 1,5 - 2 cm will bend or the dry vegetable remains as fertilizers. Cultivation in rooms (in boxes and in plastic bags). On a bottom the layer of 10 - 12 cm of the earth is filled, the mycelium gets enough sleep, then not less than 20 cm take cover compost. In places where rudiments of fruit bodies appeared, cuts become. Composition of compost: the straw which did not rot through dry – 12 kg, a bird's dung, horse or cow manure (fresh) - 8 kg. Time of preparation of 22-26 days. A sign of readiness of a substratum is disappearance of a smell of ammonia. Suitability term in not opened package of 5 years of date of production.
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Champignon field
Champignon field
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