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Russia, Barnaul
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We offer to supply brewing barley, the harvest in 2019. in Russia and exported to the country and abroad on a permanent basis. P roduktsiya grown in the Kursk region, Ataysky Region, Kurgan Region.



Capacity: 1000 t / month to 5,000 tons / month



Quality control

Barley GOST 28672 - 90

Grades: Despina, Explorer, etc. .



Moisture - 14.5%



Protein is not more than 11.5%

Weed admixture of up to 2%

Grain ave. (Batters. Bits) up to 2%

The ability of 95% germination

 Bulk / car / train /



Term of payment: by agreement

We provide all accompanying documents.


Barley - an annual plant belonging to the grass family. It has a great variety of species. However, culturally cultivated mainly barley, other kinds of its planted rarely or growing like wild. Grass has direct gnarled stem up to half a meter in height. Grain coating film in purified form - with a bright yellowish or brownish tint. However, even Soviet scientists brought several varieties of cultures with bare seeds.

Barley: origin story

Barley is the oldest cereal crop plant grown man. Its cultivation lasts for more than 10,000 years old and was in the Middle East. However, there is evidence that the ancient Palestinians ate them 17 thousand years ago. Today in the wild it occupies a large area from North Africa to Tibet.




The oldest representatives of cultural cereal found in Syria, which belong to the pre - ceramic period. He was found in the tombs of Egypt (the Stone and Bronze Ages). Archaeological studies show widespread barley in distant time, and it does not exclude the independent domestication of peoples in different areas. In medieval European peasants ate rye and barley bread, because bread from wheat included in the diet of the privileged classes only. And only to the 19 th century barley became supplanted by a potato. Its penetration into Russia took place from Asia to Siberia and the Caucasus.

Barley - crymophylactic grass that grows well in northern areas and highlands. As a result, it was and is now the most important food product for the inhabitants of these territories, as other cereal cultivate culture where it is difficult or impossible. It is widely used not only as a bread culture, but also as fodder for livestock and poultry.

The biological composition of barley

Barley grains contain proteins (13% ), fat (3.5% ), carbohydrates (75% ), starch (60% ), hemicellulose (6.5% ), pectin (2% ). They are rich in amino acids (essential and nonessential). First present methionine, valine, lysine, isoleucine, leucine, tryptophan, threonine, phenylalanine. Second - arginine, alanine, histidine, cystine, glycine, serine, proline, tyrosine, glutamic acid and aminoyantarnaya.




Vitamin series comprise beta - carotene, provitamin A, B1, B2, P, B6, B15, E, choline and others. Elemental base are zinc, manganese, silicon, copper, potassium fluoride, calcium. Simultaneously it contains tin, zirconium, selenium, nickel, molybdenum, chromium and other elements. The barley flour has a lot of polysaccharide beta - glucan, which lowers cholesterol.




Gordetsin antifungal antibiotic, effective for skin diseases, it has been isolated from barley.








The use of barley in food production

Barley - the raw material for the production of barley and pearl barley (pictured below), are widely used in the national nutritional diet. Moreover, whole grains is barley, the last cleaning and polishing (the latter is not always). The name of this cereal, similar in color and form in the freshwater pearls, pearl comes from the old word (pearls). In the production of barley grits (yachki) grains pass surgery film release and cleavage. It does not apply polishing than the fiber is maintained by the presence of a given pearl barley superior.

Barley prepared as a coffee substitute. Culture is the basis of the raw materials and the brewing industry wonderful concentrated livestock feed, as rich in complete protein and starch. In our country on animal nutrition is 70% of the harvest of barley. By the way, the beer of this cereal was the oldest human drink in the Neolithic era, and a little later they began to make mutual settlements, ie. E. Entered the rank of money.





In rural areas, are well aware of the nutritional and medicinal feed efficiency of pigs (and other animals), unrefined grains culture. Barley straw is a little inferior to them in these properties, and its cattle eating oat straw below only surpassing rye and wheat, due to the value of its biologically active components.


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Cereals, grains
Cereals, grains
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