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Carbamide and ammoniac mix with a potassium humate

Carbamide and ammoniac mix with a potassium humate

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine

Medicine "Frey KAS-Aktiv" represents mix of a carbamide and ammonium nitrate with addition of humic complexes, minerals, and also physiologically active agents, has neutral or alkalescent reaction, does not contain pollution by radionuclides, inexplosive. It is applied to the main and preseeding introduction, extra root top dressing of crops, and also as an eddish destructor before deepening of straw and stalks to the soil. As a part of "Frey KAS-Aktiv" Nitrogen is in three forms - ammoniac (25%), nitrate (25%) and amide (50%): NO3- — 7%, NH4 + — 7%, NH2 — 14%.

 The volume of 78 dm3 of fertilizer contains 28 kg of Nitrogen (N28), Nitrogen of organic substance to 2 %i has weight of 100 kg.

 The volume of 100 dm3 of fertilizer contains 35,8 kg of Nitrogen (N36) and has weight of 128 kg.

Solution "Frey KAS-Aktiv" begins to crystallize at a temperature minus 19 °C, and freezes at minus 28 °C. Formation of crystals and short-term freezing of KAS solutions in tanks are harmless because at temperature increase crystals are again dissolved and fertilizer completely restores the properties.

It is entered in State the register of the pesticides and agrochemicals allowed for use in Ukraine.


• without dilution it is possible to carry out by water feed winter on the talomerzly soil, to bring under the main cultivation and cultivation;

• with use of casting pipes to carry out feed propashny, grain – from an exit to a tube to dairy ripeness;

• with use of ploskoluchevy sprays to carry out feed winter to an exit phase to a tube.

The optimum dose of introduction of Nitrogen when using "Frey KAS-Aktiv" is calculated on the basis of biological requirements of culture, a grade or hybrid, predecessors, system of processing of the soil, agrochemical indicators of fertility of the soil of the concrete field, planned productivity, weather conditions and to a condition of development of plants, the recommendation of the research organizations of the region. Before carrying out podkormok during active vegetation of plants it is also desirable to carry out vegetable express diagnostics concerning security of plants with Nitrogen and other batteries.

The dose of introduction of KAS solution can be regulated pressure, diameter of an exhaust outlet of a nozzle and speed of the movement of the sprayer.

Working solution: 250-300 l/hectare. At introduction along with fungicides, insecticides, regulators of growth to dilute with water 1:3, and at introduction with herbicides on grain in a kushcheniye phase - 1:4-5.

To carry out radical feeds on a dry puff surface in the morning or in the evening. To bring in gloomy cool weather for all day. Not to process crops at a temperature above +20 °C.


as an eddish destructor
Norm of introduction: For destruction of straw, stalks, a tops of vegetable it is necessary to bring 15 kg "Frey KAS-Aktiv" on 1 ton of the vegetable remains. Medicine introduction by perhaps standard sprayers with ceramic sprays in an undiluted view with the subsequent seal to the soil (a disking, plowing).
For example, the grain yield of winter wheat made 70 c/hectare, it needs to be increased by coefficient of an exit of collateral production 1,2 (see the table below) we receive 84 c/hectare of the vegetable remains on 1 hectare.

Culture Coefficient of an exit of collateral production
Winter wheat 1,2
Rye 1,6
Barley winter 1,2
Barley summer 1,3
Oats 1,4
Corn on grain 1,5
Millet 1,2
Buckwheat 2,2
Rice 0,9
Peas 1,4
Soy 1,2
Sunflower 2,0
Sugar beet 0,6
Colza winter 1,4
Potatoes 0,5
Carrots 0,4
Tomatoes 0,2

The coefficients of an exit of a non-commodity part of a harvest specified in the table are placed on materials of the Ukrainian center "IPA of A. N. Sokolovsky".


  • Increases productivity to 15-30%;
  • The only fertilizer which contains three forms of Nitrogen – nitrate, ammoniyny, amide;
  • High uniformity of distribution of fertilizer on the surface of the soil and on plants  at extra root podkormka;
  • Possibility of more exact control of norm (dose) of introduction;
  • It is possible to add liquid complex water-soluble mineral fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, regulators of growth of plants to KAS solutions, macro - and minerals that allows to reach the greatest economy of resources;
  • In the conditions of deficiency of moisture the liquid form of nitrogen fertilizers quickly gets into the soil and is better acquired by a plant;
  • Smaller dependence on weather conditions at the expense of a wide arsenal of means of introduction (from nozzles to casting pipes);
  • All forms of nitrogen in fertilizer nonvolatile, and therefore it is possible to bring superficially without deepening in the soil;
  • Provides the highest coefficient of assimilation with nitrogen plants;
  • Stimulates processes of a mineralization and hymification of fossils;
  • Increases resistance of plants to adverse weather conditions;
  • Prolongs the period of photosynthetic activity;
  • Accelerates decomposition of the vegetable remains when using as an eddish destructor.


Country producer Ukraine

The Certificate KAS-Aktiv.pdf Information specification for the order

  • Price: 6000 UAH/t
  • Minimum volume of the order: 20 t
  • Way of packing: tanker trucks
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Carbamide and ammoniac mix with a potassium humate
Carbamide and ammoniac mix with a potassium humate
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