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Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters buy in São Bento do Sapucaí on Portuguesa
Comprar Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters
Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters

Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters

Código: HS 0207 1200
3517.83 BRL
  • 2736.09 BRL/T  - de 270 T
Brasil, São Bento do Sapucaí
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Características técnicas
  • MarcaHalal
  • País-produtorBrasil
  • Peso700 g
  • Melhor antes24 meses
  • A parte da carcaçaTraseira do quarto
  • Tipo de carneCongelado
  • A forma de entregaEmbalado
  • Delivery Time3-38 days
  • Freezing methodBQF or IQF
  • certificationHalal, HACCP, ISO

Halal Frozen Chicken, Parts & Products for Human Consumption


We offer you premium services, factory produce, specified quality, clean packaging, caution loading into shipping containers with high effectivity and efficiency on delivery time.


Why Us?

Certified Halal Frozen Chicken & Parts

- Free Range Grade A

- No Added Growth Hormones or Antibiotics

- Moderate Pricing

- Possibility to PrintDesired Label and Logo

- Limited Domestic Demand

- Quick Processing of your Order

- High Stock

- High Customer Satisfaction

- After Sales Service



Whole Frozen Chicken and Parts

Country of Origin

Brazil, South America


Free Range, Grade A

Slaughter Method


Shelf Life

12 months from production date


FOB, CIF any Port without problems

Authorization for Export

China Mainland, Hong Kong, Haiphong, Vietnam, Thailand & others

Inspection Certification

SGS or any International Surveyor

Freezing Process

-       Blasted at

-       Storage at

-       Transported at

BQF (Block Quick Freezing) and/or IQF (Individual Quick Freezing)

-       minus 200C

-       minus 180C

-       minus 10~150C

Weight & Packaging

-       Whole

-       Other Parts

Poly Bag + Carton 10kg / 15kg / 20kg

-       600-2200g x 7-10 in Carton Box or per Customer Request

-       2kg up to 10-15/20kg in Carton Box or Per Customer Request

Port of Loading

Port of Santos Brazil (BRSSZ) and Port of Paranagua (BRPNG)

Delivery Time

2-38 days depending on Docking Port distance & Logistics Flexibility


What Do We Supply?  


a)    Frozen Whole Chicken with or without Giblets

b)    Frozen Chicken Grillers, 9 Pieces

c)    Half Chicken 

d)    Whole, Boneless Chicken-Shawarma

e)    Whole Chicken Breast, Boneless, Skinless

f)     Whole Chicken Breast with Bone & Skin 

g)    Chicken Breast Halves Boneless Skinless

h)    Chicken Breast Fillet (Innerfillet)

i)      Whole Chicken Legs, Boneless, Skinless

j)      Whole Chicken Legs, Boneless, Skin-on

k)    Chicken Thighs, Boneless, Skinless,

l)      Chicken Thighs, Boneless, Skin-on

m)   Chicken Drumsticks, Bone & Skin

n)    Chicken Leg Quarters, 

o)    3 Joint Chicken Wings

p)    Middle Joint Chicken Wings

q)    Chicken Wing-Sticks (Dramettes)

r)     Chicken Wing Tips

s)    Chicken Heart, Gizzards, Livers, Breast Cartilage

t)     Chicken Tails, Backs, Necks and Skin

u)    MDM

v)     Chicken Paws; Avg Weight: 30g-36g, 35g-50g Avg Length: 9cm-11cm Clean Yellow Skin

w)   Chicken Feet; Avg Weight: 35g-60g Avg Length: 12cm-20cm Clean Yellow Skin

x)    Pasteurized Whole Eggs, Egg Yolk, Egg White, Long Eggs

y)     Organic Chicken Eggs

z)     Fresh Table White & Brown Eggs

General Specifications

- Feather off
- Well Washed, cleaned and fresh
- No bruises
- No black pads or ammonia burns
- No bad smells

- No traces of deep carved wounds
- No excessive blood or blood stains
- Moisture content is less than 1%

- Broken bones are less than 3%





We pride ourselves on being a superior pork supplier with the objective of exceeding expectations and providing customers with exceptional service and sustainable products through our vertically integrated business model. Check above to know what you need and send us your contact right now. If you have questions on how we can help your business, contact us today.

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Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters
Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters
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