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The box ordinary is often used for fence one-two meters high. It grows both in half-shade and on the sun. The plant grows to 3 meters in height (if not to cut off it). However there is set of more compact and bright grades: grades with leaves in yellow spots, with purely yellow leaves, small-leaved grades (length of leaves of 2 cm), dwarfish grades (are used for bordering of beds and paths).

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Since the middle of August and until the end of fall the best period to carry out landing. Two - and three-year plants can be imprisoned, since April and to the middle of May. Best of all cloudy day will be suitable for carrying out these works.

It is necessary to preserve landings against negative impact of the midday sun, creating artificial shadow. If the drying-up winds blow or long there is dry weather, then it is better to water less often, but is plentiful. Favorable impact on rooting of plant is made by 3-5 minute souls from hose.
Top-dressing of box
In the spring or in the fall when it is dug over the soil, organic fertilizers are introduced. As for mineral supplements, it is necessary to know that the complex fertilizers containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus or their mix are used in the spring, and the fertilizers which are not containing nitrogen - superphosphate, potassium salt are used in the fall. Remember that it is necessary to feed up fertilizers only after thorough rooting of bushes. They are brought somewhere in 1-2 days prior to redigging. That new escapes before arrival of winter could ripen well, it is recommended to finish top-dressing not later than July.

At the beginning of May it is necessary to promulchivirovat the soil. If in it there is need, then scatter dry fertilizer in near-stem circle. After that it is necessary to distribute mulch 5-8 cm thick layer around plant. The direct contact of mulch of escapes can ruin plant. Every spring it is necessary to update mulch layer.

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