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Buy Block of liquid cooling WRA-300S, Cooler move 8,5l
Block of liquid cooling WRA-300S, Cooler move 8,5l

Block of liquid cooling WRA-300S, Cooler move 8,5l

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The independent block of water cooling of the WRA-300S type, is intended for ensuring high-quality cooling and circulation of working liquid in the closed system, during the work with welding installations.

The block of cooling is used during the welding works on big currents (> 300 A) and are an integral part of the welding equipment (devices of argonodugovy welding, automatic welding semiautomatic devices, installations vozdushno of plasma cutting, etc.). In a welding torch the cavity of the handle and a head of a torch or a plasmatron, and also, depending on a design, the power cable can be cooled. If the block of autonomous cooling is operated with water, then ambient temperature has to be in the range from + 2C to + 40C.

Water use is extremely not desirable as the salts which are contained in it, being besieged on walls, form a salt layer. The salt layer as heat insulator, worsens cooling and increasing over time reduces liquid pass section that can put a torch or a plasmatron out of action. There is a special liquid for cooling of the welding equipment VST-15, production of the German company "BINZEL", with high heat-removing rates and the greasing properties for pumps of blocks. VST-15 blocks formation of an electrolytic raid (on the walls of the block of cooling which are giving and the taking-away tubes and internal cavities of torches) and can be applied from-15 winter to the +40th in the summer.

Structurally the WRA-300S block consists of the case in which are located:

  1. Capacity for cooling liquid.
  2. The electric pump with the fan.
  3. Radiator for liquid cooling

The WRA-300S block is intended for work in the enclosed space and under a canopy with observance of the following conditions:

  1. When using water ambient temperature has to be in the range from + 2 ºС to + 40 ºС; relative humidity no more than 80% at +20 ºС;
  2. When using a coolant of VST-15 of Binzel firm temperature of the environment surrounding a cooler can be in the range from - 15 ºС to + 40 ºС.

  1. Tank mouth for filling of cooling liquid
  2. The handle for carrying
  3. The switch a network with indication of the included state
  4. Cut for visual control of level of cooling liquid in a tank
  5. The quick-detachable union for a supply of cooling liquid to a torch (red)
  6. The quick-detachable union for removal of cooling liquid from a torch (blue)

Technical characteristics:

Name of parameter


The rated voltage of a power line, In


Frequency of a power line, Hz


Maximum current of consumption, And


Duration of loading, %


Cooling power (at 1л/мин/¼¿¡ kW


Tank volume for cooling liquid, not less, than a l


The volume of the cooling liquid which is pumped over by the block, no more, l/min


Maximum pressure, MPa


Protection class


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Set of delivery of the WRA-300S block:

  1. The block of liquid cooling autonomous WRA-300S - 1 piece.
  2. The nipple quick-detachable - 2 pieces.
  3. Collar metal - 2 pieces.
  4. The maintenance instruction (passport) - 1 piece.
  5. Packing - 1 piece.

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Block of liquid cooling WRA-300S, Cooler move 8,5l
Block of liquid cooling WRA-300S, Cooler move 8,5l
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