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Black Diamond Humic Acid

Black Diamond Humic Acid

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Turkey, Balıkesir
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  • BrandBlack Diamond
  • Country of manufactureTurkey
  • ColorSiyah

Thanks to humic - fulvic acid and potassium contained in Black Diamond Humic Acid, it contains organic matter required by the plant and potassium necessary for its development.

The functions of humic - fulvic acid in the plant;

. Black Diamond Humic Acid Accelerates cell division. Therefore, the growth and development of the plant is also accelerated.

.  It accelerates root formation and development. It strengthens the roots. It promotes fringe root formation.

.  It accelerates germination in seeds. It increases the survival ability of the plant. It provides faster and stronger growth.

.  It increases the cell energy in the plant.

.  It regulates plant metabolism and prevents the accumulation of nitrogen components.

.  It has a stimulating effect on the growth and reproduction of beneficial soil microorganisms. It increases their amount and activity in the soil.

.  It increases the resistance of the plant against cold, heat and physical effects. It increases the resistance against insects and diseases.

.  It increases the thickness of cell walls in fruits (product). Thus, the storage time and shelf life of the product are extended.

.  The product obtained (such as fruit, vegetable, flower, grain, root) is of higher quality. It ensures that their external appearance is more attractive and their nutritional value is higher.

The function of potassium in the plant;

  • It takes part in photosynthesis and provides water balance in the plant,
  • It is effective in sugar and nitrogen metabolism.
  • It makes the nitrogen used more effective.
  • It ensures that the synthesized organic substances are transported to the other necessary organs of the plants.
  • It increases the resistance of plants to lying down due to wind and similar factors.
  • It contributes positively to root development in plants by increasing the effect of the phosphorus used.
  • It allows plants to reach maturity more easily.
  • It saves water in plants and increases the resistance of plants against drought.
  • It improves the product quality in plants.
  • It ensures that the plants are less affected by salty and calcareous soils.
  • It increases the resistance of plants against cold.
  • It increases the resistance of plants against diseases and pests.
  • Ca (calcium) and Mg (magnesium) excess prevents potassium intake. In order for the potassium applied at high levels to have the expected effect on the yield and quality, there must be sufficient nitrogen in the plant.
  • Low potassium level causes unsavory and insipid fruit taste.
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Black Diamond Humic Acid
Black Diamond Humic Acid
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