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Birch of 3,0-3,2 m (ZKS) – Sadovyj centr Nuri |
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Birch of 3,0-3,2 m (ZKS)

Birch of 3,0-3,2 m (ZKS)

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Kazakhstan, Taraz
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • Height2-2,5 m

The garden center and Nursery of Nouri in the city of Taraz of www. greendom. kz

Birch of 2,0 - 2,5 m (ZKS)

Tree to 22 (30) m of height, with dense branchy krone. Bark smooth, white, at old trees in the trunk basis black - gray deep - jointed. Branches are povisly, red - brown, densely put resinous borodavochka. The kidneys pointed are covered cherepitchato located cheshuyam, sticky. Leaflets on long scapes, next, triangular or rhombic with the wedge - shaped basis, a top delayed, on edge twice ostrozubchaty, young sticky, naked or seldom trimmed, later naked, are covered with ferruterous warts, from above bright, from below light green. Tychinochny ear rings on 2 — 3 on the ends of branches, pestichny single on the shortened side branches, at first sticking out, then povisly. A fruit - small nut with the wings by 2 — 3 times exceeding it on width. Blossoms in April - May, fruits ripen at the end of summer, depending on the region. Grows, forming the dense birch woods, with other breeds in deciduous and coniferous forests. Has a wide edafichesky area. Lighting meets as a main type of a forest stand in lichen, heather, cowberry, cereal, mossy, orlyakovy, kislichny and snytevy types the woods: photophilously. Soil: well fertilized. Watering: plentiful. Average life expectancy of a tree: up to 120 years.

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Birch of 3,0-3,2 m (ZKS)
Birch of 3,0-3,2 m (ZKS)
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