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Technology for plants

Unique environmentally friendly technology for increase in productivity

All know that full-fledged human life, an animal, a bird and even plants, requires a set of minerals, vitamins and other substances.
Iodine – the only chemical element which importance is determined by the nature and full-fledged life of people and animals it is impossible without constant maintenance of the iodic status normal.

The Yodis-K company sets the task of a complex solution of the problem of a yododefitsit.

Except enrichment of food biologically active iodine with the help "Yodis – a concentrate" exists the second more perfect direction. This cultivation of the agricultural production containing natural norm of iodine. Such way of saturation by iodine of production of crop production is the simplest and natural of all existing.

The Bioyodis technology is complex use in agroproduction of medicines and organic fertilizers which component are biotransformats, a biohumus with a simbiozny set of mushrooms, bacteria, the minerals made on the basis of biologically active iodine.

The Bioyodis technology provides application in the form of water solutions of the specified components, them process seeds before seeding, and also spray plants during their vegetation.

To the one who wants to conduct effectively economy on the earth with the minimum expenses and to receive environmentally friendly production, we suggest to introduce Bioyodis technology in the economy.

Applying Bioyodis technology:

  • You deal only with biologically pure medicines and fertilizers;

  • There is no influence on genetics of plants;

  • Plant to a lesser extent are affected by wreckers;

  • Resistance of plants to diseases and vymerzaniye increases;

  • Cultivation process accelerates;

  • Stronger root system is formed;

  • Maturing process accelerates;

  • Productivity of all cultures increases;

  • Flavoring properties and quality indicators improve.

Recommendations about application

Preseeding soaking of seeds – 25-30ml. Bioyodis (Vermistim-Yodis) part in 1 liter of water and presoak seeds within 24 hours.

Radical top dressing of plants (including room) – 50 ml Bioyodis (Vermistim-Yodis) part in 10 liters of water and water plants once in 15 days.

Extra root top dressing of plants – 20 ml Bioyodis (Vermistim-Yodis) part in 10 liters of water and 2-3 times for a season spray vegetiruyushchy plants.

Storage of cut flowers in solution — 5 ml Bioyodis (Vermistim-Yodis) part in 1 liter of water.

Recommendations for houseplants. For a podkarmlivaniye medicine is dissolved with water 1:50 and watered once a month. If the limited amount of soil, is not recommended to umenshat a water ratio. For more frequent watering it is possible to use concentration 1:150.

At use of Bioyodis technology it is necessary to make all three stages of works for receiving 100% of effect.


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