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Biohumus granulated "Ekochudo". TU U 24.1-2228400274-001:2012 – Ekochudo, OOO |
Buy Biohumus granulated "Ekochudo". TU U 24.1-2228400274-001:2012
Biohumus granulated "Ekochudo". TU U 24.1-2228400274-001:2012

Biohumus granulated "Ekochudo". TU U 24.1-2228400274-001:2012

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Ukraine, Lugansk
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЭкочудо
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Form release fertilizerSolid
  • ConcentrateConcentrate
  • биоудобрениеурожайность
  • экологичностьплодородие

Biot a humus the granulated Ekochudotm - organic fertilizer of the prolonged action for simultaneous introduction at crops of winter wheat, and also other agricultural cultures of TU U 24.1 2228400274-001:2012

�Экочудотм� biohumus - new

the granulated organic complex fertilizer, waste product of earthworms - �Старатель�.

Granules are brought in the soil in rows together with crops with a dosage (100-200) kg/hectare. The biohumus promotes improvement of mineral food of plants, increases humidity of the soil throughout all vegetation of culture, increases productivity and quality of the received production.

�Айдар� - liquid biofertilizer from the biohumus quality Ekochudotm made by the technological line of an earthworm the Vladimir hybrid of �Старатель� TU U 24.1 2228400274-002:2012.

�Айдар� is a complex of natural environmentally friendly and safe nutritious elements, humic substances, growth factors and development of a plant. Its use has positive effect on processes of growth, an exchange and photosynthesis that promotes increase of a harvest of various agricultural cultures.

The preparation comprises all components of a vermikompost in the dissolved state: humates, fulvic acids, amino acids, vitamins, natural phytohormones, minerals and macrocells, fungicides, disputes of soil microorganisms. Bactericidal properties of a preparation are caused by presence of the bakteriostatichesky proteins secreted by tissues of the earthworm and the antibiotics allocated by the simbionny microorganisms which are in intestines of an earthworm in the course of a vermikultivirovaniye.

Processing of seeds the �Айдар� biofertilizer needs to be carried out before crops in a dose 1 l/t (15-20l. river of river). Processing of seeds the �Айдар� biofertilizer promotes increase of viability of sub-standard seeds from 9% to 23%; to suppression for 100% of a snow mold, gray decay, a septorioz; for 60% to oppression of fusariosis, root decay; to a harvest increase after a protravlivaniye of seeds of 2-5 c/hectare;

It is necessary to spray crops in kushcheniye phases (3 l/hectare) and an exit in a kolosheniye tube beginning (3 l/hectare). Spraying in a phase of a kushcheniye promotes increase in a productive kustistost, and as a result and to increase of productivity of agricultural cultures. Spraying in a phase an exit in a tube beginning of a kolosheniye promotes improvement of process of a kolosoobrazovaniye and increase of qualitative characteristics of grain, increase in a gluten of productivity by 20-30%, increase of oiliness, the size of baskets.

The maximum increase at a full complex to 9 c/hectare.

Costs of 1 hectare:

At reduction of norm of NPK by 50%

Biohumus of 100-200 kg * 4,5 = (450-900) UAH.

Aydar (6,2-9,2) l * 30 = (186 - 276) UAH.

Total: (636-1176) UAH

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Biohumus granulated "Ekochudo". TU U 24.1-2228400274-001:2012
Biohumus granulated "Ekochudo". TU U 24.1-2228400274-001:2012
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