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Hermetically sealed electric heaters

Hermetically sealed electric heaters

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • TypeElectric
  • Wattage1.5 kW

Products: Sealed electric heaters buy price for export from the manufacturer Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan 

Explosion - proof aluminum flat heating elements ENAPVh - 1 (hereinafter referred to as "heaters") are intended for heating and compensation of heat losses of various technological equipment, apparatuses, installations with control equipment, etc.

Heaters complete with the equipment specified in subsection 4.8 are intended for operation in hazardous areas related to the classification of the Electrical Installation Rules (PUE) to class В - la, В - 16, В - lr, where the formation of explosive mixtures of gases and vapors is possible with air of categories 11A, 11B, 11C and groups T1, T2, TZ, T4, T5 and T6 in accordance with GOST 12.1.011 - 78.

Climatic modification and category of placement UHL - 2 in accordance with GOST 15150 - 69

The structure of the symbol ENAPVx - l - X1 / X2 - X3, where:

  • ENAPV - product code,
  • Ex is a sign of moisture protection,
  • l - serial number of the development,
  • X1 - rated power, kW,
  • X2 - rated voltage, V.
  • X3 is the nominal size of the active part, m.

An example of writing a conventional designation of a heater with a rated power of 1.39 kW, a rated operating voltage of 220 V and 1500x3000x7 mm. when ordering and in the documentation of another product.

Heater ENAPVh - 1 - 1.39 / 220 - 1500x3000x7 mm. TU 112 - RSFSR - 037 - 91.


1.1. Basic parameters and dimensions.

1.1.1. Maximum temperature on the surface of the heaters, ° С 230

1.1.2. Electrical resistance of heater insulation at ambient temperature (25 ± 10) ° С and relative humidity up to 90% , recalculated per 1 km of the length of its active part, MOhm, not less than 20

1.1.3. Electrical resistance, 37 ohm

1.1.4. Low - temperature leads length, mm 1000

1.1.5. Specific weight of the active part of the heater, kg / m, no more than 0.15

1.1.6. Average service life, 6 years

1.1.7. Average shelf life, years 3

Safety requirements correspond to class II in accordance with GOST - 75 and GOST - 75.


2.1. The design of the heaters consists of an active (heating) part, switching lugs and low - temperature leads.

2.2. The active part is a multi - wire heating conductor made of an alloy with high electrical resistance or a wire made of the same alloy, wound on a fiberglass bundle, braided with fiberglass and covered with a sealing sheath made of silicone rubber.

2.3. In the connection lugs, the heating conductor is connected to the low - temperature leads by welding. The connecting lugs are pressed with silicone rubber.

2.4. As low - temperature leads, wires with stranded copper core and silicone rubber insulation are used.

2.5. The entire heater has a continuous protective aluminum screen D - 16 1500x3000mm.

2.6. The principle of operation is based on the release of heat by heating veins when an electric current passes through them and transfer of this heat to the body and the heating object.

2.7. The choice of heaters is carried out after performing a heat engineering calculation, which determines the value of the installed power.

2.8. Providing moisture protection.

The moisture protection of the heaters is ensured only when the following means and measures are used.

2.8.1. The heating system with heaters must have protective equipment that does not allow heating of the outer surfaces above the values regulated for groups of explosive mixtures in accordance with GOST 12.1.011 - 78, in which the system is operated, namely:

  • above 180 ° С for groups Т1, Т2, ТЗ;
  • above 135 ° C for T4 group;
  • above 100 ° С for group T5;
  • above 85 ° С for group T6.

Each heating circuit of the heating system must have its own primary temperature transducer installed in the area with the highest power for the length (volume) of the heated equipment.

The temperature protection equipment on the heater surface must be independent of the equipment designed to control the temperature in accordance with the technological regulations.

2.8.2. The heaters or their groups must be protected against overloads, short - circuit currents and earth leakage currents. The earth leakage protection equipment must disconnect the heaters from the mains when the earth leakage current exceeds 30 mA.

2.8.3. The heaters can only be operated with a heat - insulating coating made of non - combustible mineral or synthetic materials with a protective metal coating, 0.5 mm thick, applied over the heat insulation.

2.8.4. The connection of the low - temperature leads of the heaters with the supply wires (cables) within the explosive zones must be carried out in terminal boxes that meet the requirements of Table. 7.3.11. ch. 7.3. "Rules for electrical installations" (PUE).

2.8.5. Metal heated objects and protective metal casing of thermal insulation must be grounded.

2.8.6. The installation of the power supply circuits of the heaters must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the "Instructions for the installation of electrical equipment" of the power and lighting networks of explosive zones VSN 332 - 74 MMSS USSR.

2.8.7. The block diagram for switching on the heaters is shown in Fig. one.

2.5.8. Temperature control and regulation equipment located in the explosive zone must comply with the requirements of Ch. 7.3. PUE.

Contents of delivery:

  • heater - 1 pc. ,
  • passport - 1 copy,
  • technical description and operating instructions - 1 copy.

The warranty period of the heater is 12 months from the date of commissioning.

Certificate of Conformity ISTSVE No. D. ООС.2051

LLC "MB - Impulse" reserves the right to make changes in the design and technical documentation, schematic diagram, technical description, in the preparation of drying programs. The changes and improvements introduced, the use of new technologies, improve the quality of subsequent products and the lumber being dried.

Terms of delivery: FCA, EXW (and others as agreed with the customer)

Form of payment: 100% advance payment.

We produce:

  • Hermetically sealed electric heaters
  • Press Vacuum Drying Chambers
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Hermetically sealed electric heaters
Hermetically sealed electric heaters
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