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ABM 065 the complex for drying of sawdust, spills, tyrsa

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Drying complex of the ABM 0,65 drum type

We sell and mount drying complex of drum type for drying of sawdust, spills, compound feeds, peat, straw, kostritsa, pod of sunflower, peel of buckwheat, peat, sand, building materials and others loose for komplektatsiiliniya of briquetting and the line of granulation for further production of fuel briquette, pellet, compound feeds, dry construction mixes, or just drying for storage or use of dry raw materials further, productive power to 1000, 2000 kg hour. We carry out commissioning, we train personnel in competent work on the automatic transfer line of drying of bulks. We give guarantee and we carry out guarantee and post warranty maintenance.

The principle of action of the AVM sushilkibarabanny type, consists that the heatgenerator develops energy, necessary for moisture evaporation, which is brought to wet spill. The type of the heatgenerator gets out proceeding from the necessary power and the available heat carrier (firewood, bark, sawdust, wood chips, peat, briquettes and pellets of tree, straw, sunflower peel, coal, etc. fuel). Further the heated dry air by means of the fan moves in the camera of drying, which device allows to distribute most rationally air flows and by that with the minimum losses of heat to evaporate necessary moisture. Wet air at the exit passes through cyclone where settles the dried-up material, and further through flue in the atmosphere.

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