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What isNEORife?

NEORife is a highly effective bioresonance device, representing a frequency generator with computer program control of the outgoing frequency in the sound range. The device works with electrical frequencies on the bioresonance principle discovered by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. The device is powered with a voltage safe for use by man.

Who is Dr. Rife?

It is established that bacteria, viruses, and parasites have their own vibration frequencies. If the latter is known, the pathogen can be destroyed through the exposure to radiation with a greater amplitude than its own frequency wave. Rife has discovered that the walls of the membranes are destroyed, and the harmful organism quickly dies. Every disease, caused by a pathogen - a bacteria, a virus, or fungi, can be cured, if the agent is eliminated, and the immune system goes to its normal and healthy state. The advantage of Rife's method is that the treatment won't damage a single healthy cell: they emit different frequencies. Rife's list includes over 1500 medical conditions that can be treated successfully. Тhe frequency generator can treat cancer, AIDS, rheumatism, asthma, measles, epilepsy, tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy, streptococcus, and numerous others.

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