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Biohumus from red worms - 5mm. buy in Шумен on Български
Купувам Biohumus from red worms - 5mm.
Biohumus from red worms - 5mm.

Biohumus from red worms - 5mm.

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Biohumus is an odorless product, loose, easily friable, resembles a coarsely ground coffee. Unconditionally sustainable, it has not been subjected to soiled processes, while retaining its properties as a "living product". Free of harmful substances and pathogenic organisms. Biohumus improves the physical properties of the soil: it becomes looser, does not thicken and does not form a thick crust. As a consequence, the soiled soil simultaneously retains the necessary moisture (reduces the need for irrigation to 30%) or drains the excess moisture / the plants do not decay.It contains huge amounts of soil-cultivating microorganisms, bioactive stimulants, vitamins, amino acids and humic acids, which are the main nutrient reserve. Biochumus contains all 16 elements needed by the plants in a very concentrated form. Macro and trace elements are wrapped in a water-soluble membrane that allows easy absorption by plants but is gradually released as needed.Biochumus has bactericidal properties that make it difficult to develop disease in the soil. Plants tolerate cold, heat and drought more easily.

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Biohumus from red worms - 5mm.
Biohumus from red worms - 5mm.
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