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Baking tray

Today bakery production is a demanded business, but for it to be also profitable, high - quality equipment is needed. Auxiliary equipment, for example, baking sheets, is no exception. Their choice must also be approached very carefully. After all, low - quality baking trays can bring not only inconvenience to the staff, but also affect the quality of bread products, which, as a result, will entail losses.

Baking tray Perforated baking tray

The Spica company appeared in 2003 and has already managed to establish itself in the market. So, now among the clients of our company there are both private mini - bakeries and large confectionery and bakery factories. And the products of the Spica company have gained popularity among the leading manufacturers of bakery and confectionery equipment and have become popular both in Russia and in the CIS countries.

Why do clients choose us?

  • The Spica company has been on the market since 2003 and has already managed to establish itself as a reliable partner.

  • Only our company has such a wide range of equipment for the production of bread products, including baking trays.

  • The Spika company offers quality equipment at affordable prices.

  • In our company, you can buy baking trays not only with standard sizes, but also custom - made.

  • Only here you can immediately buy everything you need for the manufacture of bakery products, including auxiliary products, for example, dishes.

  • We do not overstate the prices of our products.

  • The production of trays is carried out on ultra - modern equipment.

  • All products have certificates of conformity of manufactured products and Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusions.

  • Moreover, our baking sheets meet the quality criteria. So, if you push them 50 {c4d85b30a917f0a2f501232aa0cac2f2bec030c4ebbb62b9d2bbf74d341022f2} from their depths, they do not fall out of the oven and their tilt does not exceed 15 degrees.

  • It is easy to contact us. To make it convenient for the client to communicate with us, we use not only telephone communication - 8 (4722) 21 - 81 - 81, but also e - mail - ooo_spika@bk. ru, our online consultants provide services through the ICQ quick message system - 623515253.

Since the assortment of the company's baking sheets is very wide, we help our customers to navigate in it and choose the most optimal option.

What properties should baking trays have?

When choosing baking sheets, you need to understand what they will be used for. So baking trays can be for baking or roasting. The former are usually used for the manufacture of bread products, and, depending on its type, they can have different shapes.

As a rule, when contacting us, the client wants the baking sheet to have several characteristics. Was:

  • durable;

  • non - stick;

  • made from a material that does not affect the taste of the bread;

  • conforming to established standards;

  • easy to clean;

  • not subject to corrosion,

  • resistant to high temperatures (up to 290 ° C).

We take into account all these wishes when forming the product range, which is periodically updated in connection with the emergence of new materials and production technologies.

In the catalog of the Spica company you can find baking trays for every taste, depending on your wishes. We also manufacture custom - made baking trays. Moreover, you can receive a finished order in less than two weeks. We have a wide variety of baking trays, including non - stick ones.

Baking trays. Manufacturing

We pay special attention to the production of baking trays. After all, the quality of our customers' bread depends on its quality. In the Spica company, baking trays are made in such a way that allows you to achieve high quality products and makes it possible to use them in food production, including in bakeries. And the technical solutions that we use in the manufacture of our products guarantee the convenience of their use and help to optimize the process of making bread products. In the process of making the baking trays of the Spica company go through high - quality finishing. To do this, the material is cut, bent and processed using proven technology using special equipment. At the same time, bends, edges and corners have the most optimal size to avoid all kinds of risks, blows, as well as the occurrence of crusts. And those surfaces that come in contact with food are manufactured in such a way as to facilitate cleaning and sterilization.

The market today offers a wide range of baking trays, usually differing in material and shape. At Spica you can buy a baking sheet made of various materials, among which the most popular are aluminum, as well as carbon and stainless steel.

In the manufacture of food aluminum molds, depending on the desired result, several technologies are used. So, thin - walled trays of various configurations are made by stamping, thick - walled ones - by casting, and baking trays with holes - by milling. Casting using the XTS technology allows you to make the surface of the product more rough, so that later either use it in its original form, or cover it with Teflon. To increase rigidity, we use flanging, or as it is also called "hem", single or double.

The aluminum baking sheet is popular for its low cost, but they are also the most finicky, so this metal is often supplemented with a Teflon or non - stick coating.

Only experienced companies are now undertaking the manufacture of such products.

Here we use double side seaming, which gives the trays extra rigidity. These trays are durable, easy to use and do not come into contact with food. Since such a surface is not susceptible to damage and scratches, therefore, regardless of the service life, their appearance remains unchanged.

What baking trays can you buy from us?

In the Spica company you can buy baking trays with different number of sides. In the catalog of the online store of the Spica company you will find trays with 2, 3 or 4 sides, made of aluminum or steel. As for the dimensions, here the most "popular" is the baking sheet 600 * 400 mm.

We also produce trays with different edge angles. So, you can order, for example, baking trays where one or several sides will be at an angle of 45 degrees. It is possible to buy baking trays with both straight and beveled corners.

By contacting us today, you can become our permanent partner and solve the problem of supplying quality products for your small mini - bakery or factory for a long time.

To do this, you can contact us by phone 8 (4722) 21 - 81 - 81 or via ICQ - 623515253 (Mon - Fri 8: 30 - 17: 00), as well as by e - mail ooo_spika@bk. ru (at any time days).

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Baking tray
Baking tray
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