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Buy Automatic electromechanical press Lintel PA-20-50
Automatic electromechanical press Lintel PA-20-50

Automatic electromechanical press Lintel PA-20-50

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЛинтеЛ
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Products: Automatic electromechanical press Lintel PA - 20 - 50 for quality control of asphalt concrete buy wholesale price from manufacturer in Russia

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Implemented standards

  • GOST 9128
  • GOST 31015
  • GOST 12801
  • GOST R 58406.8
  • GOST R 58401.18
  • GOST R 58406.6


  • Automatic maintenance of the preset table lifting speed
  • Marshall Test Accessory Kit
  • PA - 20 - 50, in accordance with the customer's requirements, is equipped with various equipment:
    - crimping device for Marshall circuit Ø101.6 mm;
    - rigging for splitting tests Ø150 mm and Ø100 mm;
    - tooling for bending tests.
  • Automatic measurement of load and deformation of the sample during testing
  • Automatic determination of force and deformation upon sample failure
  • Integration with the LinteL Link data collection system allows the collection and transmission of laboratory test results from the apparatus to a personal computer via wireless communication. Integration with the laboratory information system Lintel LIS provides comprehensive automation of laboratory activities
  • Automatic plotting of sample loading during testing
  • Editing test parameters and saving them allows you to reduce the time to prepare for the test
  • Result logging provides storage of up to 200 test results, load graphs, force and deformation values of the sample in non - volatile memory
  • Automatic calculation of additional characteristics (tensile strength, fracture work, etc. ) based on several results
  • Ability to view test results, load graphs, and print results using an external print device
  • Highly stable load cell with overload protection
  • Automatic stop of the test with sound signal of the end of the test
  • Complete self - diagnosis system with indication of the causes of malfunctions on the display
Maximum load 50 kN
Table moving speed from 1 to 50 mm / min
Working stroke of the table not less than 100 mm


Accuracy characteristics
Limit of permissible error of load measurement  ± 1 (group 1 - Y)% of measured load
Limit of permissible error of displacement measurement ± 1 (group 1 - D)% of the working stroke of the table


Performance characteristics
Power consumption,
in test mode
no more than 1000 W
Power consumption,
In standby
no more than 600 W
Power consumption,
in power saving mode
no more than 10 W
Press dimensions 470 x 830 x 580 mm (width x height x depth)
Press weight no more than 110 kg
Ambient temperature from 10 to 35 ° C
Relative humidity
at a temperature of + 25 ° С
no more than 80%
Supply voltage 187 to 242 V
Power supply frequency 49 to 51 Hz
Life time 6 years, no more than 15,000 hours
Warranty period of operation 1 year, no more than 2,500 hours


electrical safety Grounding of non - current - carrying parts and compliance with protection class 0I in accordance with GOST R IEC 61140 - 2000
Sound accompaniment Sound signal at the end of the test, detection of a malfunction
Diagnostics and configuration Built - in algorithms for self - diagnostics and settings, notifying users about the causes of malfunctions
Lintel PA - 20 - 50 1 PC.
Fixed top plate 1 PC.
Angular hexagon 6 mm 1 PC.
Open end wrench 41x46 mm 1 PC.
Combination spanner 13 mm 1 PC.
Combined slotted screwdriver - cross No. 2 1 PC.
Manual 1 PC.
Passport 1 PC.
Certification program and methodology 1 PC.


Fixed top plate  
Flexural test rig
  • GOST 12801
Marshall rigging
  • GOST 12801
  • Ø150 mm, GOST R 58401.18
  • Ø100 mm, GOST R 58401.18
  • GOST R 58406.6
  • Ø101.6 mm, GOST R 58406.8
  • Ø152.4 mm, GOST R 58406.8
LinteL Link data collection system Software and hardware designed to collect and transfer test results from devices manufactured by JSC BSKB "Neftekhimavtomatika" to a personal computer via wireless communication
Laboratory information system Lintel LIS Software and hardware designed for complex automation of laboratory activities

Recommended Equipment for Qualification (not included in the delivery set)

The measuring instruments used for certification must pass state verification in accordance with GOST 8.513 - 84 and have a verification certificate (protocols, stamps) with an unexpired validity period.

The measuring instruments recommended1 for use in the certification of the apparatus are given in the table

Equipment Range Accuracy Appointment Recommended SI
Calipers from 0 to 250mm ± 0.1mm Measurement of table travel Vernier caliper ШЦ - III - 250 - 0.1
Dynamometer from 0 to 50kN ± 0.45% Force measurement Dynamometer АЦД / 1С - 50 / 4И - 2

* Instead of the indicated measuring instruments, it is allowed to use other similar means that ensure the measurement of the corresponding parameters with the required accuracy.

Payment terms: 100% prepayment

Terms of delivery: EXW, other terms of delivery are also possible

Manufacturer: JSC BSKB Neftekhimavtomatika is one of the leading enterprises in Russia for the production and development of automatic devices for quality control of various types of products: fuels, oils, lubricants, bitumen and bitumen materials, catalysts, asphalt concrete, geotextile materials and others. The devices are manufactured under the LinteL trademark and implement test methods in accordance with: ASTM, EN, ISO, GOSTs of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Manufactured products:

  • Laboratory automation
  • Quality control of GEOTEXTILE
  • ASPHALT CONCRETE quality control
  • Quality control LUBRICANTS
  • FUEL quality control
  • Quality control of CATALYSTS
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Automatic electromechanical press Lintel PA-20-50
Automatic electromechanical press Lintel PA-20-50
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