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ASTRA polyester glue 24K Bellinzoni

ASTRA polyester glue 24K Bellinzoni

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBellinzoni
  • ManufacturerBellinzoni
  • Country of manufactureItaly
  • АСТРА 24K BellinzoniПолиэфирный клей

Description of goods:

ASTRA polyester glue 24K dense and liquid. Skhvatyvaniye time 2 - 3 hours. Full crystallization – 24 hours. It is used for gluing together of a stone, "treatment" of a stone, production of mosaics and incrustations. Provides the high durability of connection. It can be used with addition of the painting pigments.


Description of a product:
Transparent two - component glue for pasting and a shpaklevaniye of natural stones.
The excellent gluing ability and transparency do a product irreplaceable at
to processing of marble and other light stone where transparency is especially necessary.
Glue is steady against influence of ultraviolet rays and therefore it does not turn yellow with
time. The typical example of application of a product is a shpatlevaniye of travertine in
case if it is necessary that cavities, characteristic of this material, remained

• Marble, granite, etc. natural stone
• Terazzo concrete, artificial stone


Instruction for application:
The surface has to be pure, rough, dry and fat - free. Add
hardener in a proportion of 4% of the gross weight of a product at a temperature above 18 °C. At
use of this medicine is not recommended to smaller temperature. Carefully
mix and apply medicine by means of the pallet, pressing it. Infrared
lamps: Application of IK - lamps (lamps of mediumwave type are recommended) is possible for
the best drying and hardening of a product. After application light a lamp on
the applied glue within several minutes. Temperature of a surface has to
to remain below 60 °C. Further processing of a surface can be carried out only
after its temperature falls below 30 °C. For preservation of transparency and
effect of crystal effect the bigger period of drying is required, than for
other polyester glues — at a temperature of 25 °C 4 hours that glue will be required

Medicine consumption:
100 grams of glue - mastic / 2 grams of a hardener. 50: 1.
Metal packing on 1 kg
Precautionary measures:
To protect from hit in eyes and on skin. To store in places inaccessible for children.
It is obligatory to test means on the small site of a surface before



 To apply on a pure dry surface within 4 - 6 min. at to 20. After 24 hours means completely hardens and it is possible to continue installation works with a stone. The remains of the mixed mastic cannot be moved back in bank.

Precautionary measures:  flammable substance. Not to use on rubber surfaces. To protect from direct sunshine. At hit in eyes to wash away a plentiful amount of water. To store in the place, inaccessible from children



Technical characteristics:
Color - Transparent

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ASTRA polyester glue 24K Bellinzoni
ASTRA polyester glue 24K Bellinzoni
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