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Aromadiffusors "Seahorse (Sea horse) / Morskaya snail (Sea snail) / Starfish (Starfish) – Midsan, OOO |
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Buy Aromadiffusors "Seahorse (Sea horse) / Morskaya snail (Sea snail) / Starfish (Starfish)
Aromadiffusors "Seahorse (Sea horse) / Morskaya snail (Sea snail) / Starfish (Starfish)

Aromadiffusors "Seahorse (Sea horse) / Morskaya snail (Sea snail) / Starfish (Starfish)

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Ukraine, Kiev
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11 years on Allbiz
Technical characteristics
  • BrandChando
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • КоллекцияOcean collection
  • Размер продукта (см)6.5*6.5*16.0
  • Размер коробки (см)9.3*9.3*21.5
  • Обычная длительность ароматизации (дней)30-60
  • Характер упаковкиСкладная коробка
  • Емкость диффузора100ml

Chando - exquisite manufacturer with a worldwide reputation

Chando - patented and recognized brand of class LUX. This young brand that recently appeared on the market of interior fragrances, burst into the perfume world and became a shining example of the art combination of copyright aromas and delicate handmade porcelain.

As the top of the ceramic craftsmanship, porcelain many centuries ago, earned a world - wide recognition as a subject of high art and luxury. The phenomenon of global recognition of porcelain - is that they show how big a person's ability to convert the gross matter into fine works of art. However, we were lucky with you to witness the birth of a new objects of ceramic art class Chando. They argue that man has an amazing ability to transform not only the gross matter, but also ordinary space.

Aromadiffusors porous porcelain Chando made using a patented technology. It delivers unmatched audibility and disclosure of flavor, an order of magnitude superior to other carriers: . Incense sticks, aroma candles, aroma lamps and other porous porcelain structure creates numerous microscopic decanters, which makes aromatherapy diffusers Chando, probably the most effective and excellent flavor conductors in the world. As an artistic motifs Chando artists used pieces of Ming Dynasty.

Joining in 1977 the family craft of pottery and porcelain of Vicky Chen began to explore modern and long forgotten trends east and west, with the aim to bring a fresh perspective to the craft that has remained unchanged for centuries. A trend that has defied the innovative spirit of the artist became Aroma design. That it was the beginning of a deep study of family secrets of porcelain craft in order to develop innovative solutions that would make porcelain fragrance conductor. The result of the study was the patented technology of porous aroma Chando porcelain, which has no analogues in the world.

7 stages and 42 steps to create the perfect combination of porcelain and FLAVOR

  1. ENGRAVING : Making drawings on paper in lifelike porcelain product requires serenity in the heart, a calm and relaxed state of mind at the level of each cutter.
  2. FINISHING: Perfect aroma porcelain surface - is the result of numerous repetitions of smoothing the texture and compounds each individual element aroma porcelain in a single form. The final product - an intricate combination of elements, which joint is hardly discernible armed sight.
  3. MOLDING : 3 stages: preparation of forms, burning, restoration, divided into 12 sessions comprehensively ensure that as a result of filling the molds and firing each piece will find amazing detail.
  4. FIRING : Only after the second of the jig - glazed porcelain aroma acquires a dazzling high gloss shine. As a result, the polishing of the surface texture of porcelain arises that, due to which he has become a worldwide ambassador of luxury.
  5. SOLUTION : Each phase of the solution requires a great deal of skill. Master added a little more or less of ingredients or time is immediately reflected on the beauty of the appearance and the porosity of the structure, and therefore the flavor.
  6. Accents : The final step - the addition of gold - plated or applicative accents that bring life into the statue.
  7. QUALITY CONTROL : After the creation process is complete, the product of the aroma porcelain pass several quality control procedures before they are packed and sent to its owners. All this requires that products aroma porcelain produced proper impression.

About Chando partnership with Midsan

Since the end of 2019 the company became the exclusive partner of Midsan Chando company in Ukraine.

Midsan company has deep expertise in flavors, we have over 9 years experience in the industry, aroma marketing and 5 years are a professional flavoring premises for business services market leader. Midsan company is the exclusive distributor of the world leader in aroma marketing industry - Scentair Technologies Inc (USA).

During these 9 years we Midsan team have done a tremendous way to the aroma of the market development of marketing in Ukraine have accumulated deep expertise, including in the choice of scents, as fragrances. Start of cooperation with Chando is a natural step for us.

Ocean Collection plunges deep into the whisper of your heart, because the sound of the crystal water cleanses the negative, accumulated over the past few years. The fresh sea breezes relieve your dreams, giving them the opportunity to become a reality.

Sea horse - amber and salvia (Sea horse - amber & sage)

Top notes: mint leaves, orange, mandarin, aldehyde bouquet

Average note: transparent jasmine, citrus, apple
Bottom note: ambervud, tonka bean


Fresh and captivating fragrance brand, captivate you freshly cut green grass. In combination with a rustic wood aroma of sage, it creates a sense of well - being and satisfaction. The perfect harmony of citrus and herbal notes.

Morskaya snail white wave (Sea snail - white tide)

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, aldehyde, rosemary, lavender

Heart note: jasmine, pineapple, lily, lemon, fruit
Bottom note: patchouli, woody moss, sandalwood, tonka


Release the solar radiance and glow of pure Mediterranean Sea, the top notes of lavender calm nerves from everyday stress. Fill your senses with bright notes of citrus and feel absorbed in the tranquility of blue.

Starfish, coastal fog (Starfish - coastal mists)

Top notes: sparkling green, fruit leather, sea water

Average note: transparent cyclamen, blue lavender, bamboo water
Bottom note: Beachwood, teak, dimoss


Cool, but charming fragrance. Crystal sea water and mild shade of blue lavender refresh your memory of the beloved, standing among thick fog, hungry for your warm embrace.

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Aromadiffusors "Seahorse (Sea horse) / Morskaya snail (Sea snail) / Starfish (Starfish)
Aromadiffusors "Seahorse (Sea horse) / Morskaya snail (Sea snail) / Starfish (Starfish)
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