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Sampler pneumatic mobile U1-UPP-02

Sampler pneumatic mobile U1-UPP-02

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Russia, Kropotkin
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЭлеватормельмаш
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Type of drivePneumatic

The pneumatic mobile sampler U1 - UPP - 02 is designed for mechanized selection of grain and oilseeds from car bodies along the entire height of the embankment, including the bottom layer with movement along the entire length of the body.

The sampler ensures the receipt of the presented samples characterizing the quality of grain and oilseeds supplied to enterprises by road.

The sampler is intended for use at enterprises for the storage and processing of grain and oilseeds and should be installed under a canopy to protect it from precipitation.


The main parameters and dimensions of the pneumatic mobile sampler are shown in the table:

No. Options units rev. The values
1 Throughput, not less cycle / hour 50 - 60
2 Sample volume, not less dm. cube 2
3 The highest embankment height, no more mm 2000
4 Samplers working speed m / s 0.16
five Horizontal travel speed m / s 0.25
6 Installed capacity, no more kWh 13.1
7 Ground clearance
- maximum height, not less mm 4100
- minimum height, not less mm 1200
- width mm 3500
eight dimensions
- length mm 3994
- width mm 2303
- height mm 3670
nine Weight kg 2180
ten Life time lay down ten

Product structure and delivery set

The sampler consists of the following main assembly units:

  • frames
  • carriages
  • lowering and lifting mechanism
  • sampling mechanism (four samplers)
  • pneumatic systems
  • collection of samples
  • movement mechanism
  • electrical equipment

The delivery set of the product includes a sampler with partial disassembly (brackets and samplers are removed) for transportation, a passport and an operation manual.

Cable products are not included in the package.

The principle of operation of the pneumatic sampler.

The frame is a welded steel structure from rolled steel and is the load - carrying part of the sampler. Two brackets are attached to the bottom of the frame to ensure the required vertical movement of the sampler.

The two carriages are a welded structure and are the supporting part of the take - off mechanism; it is equipped with rollers and can move up and down the frame.

The mechanism of lowering and raising is used to move the carriage and immerse the selection mechanism in the mass of grain and oil seeds, which are in the car body, and then raise it to its original position. The mechanism ensures the immersion of the lower part of the taps to a level of 1.2 m from the surface of the road surface and lifting to a height of 4.1 m. interlocked with a brake, 4 chains, the ends of which are attached in pairs with carriages, 4 bending sprockets and 4 tension sprockets mounted on spring - loaded levers. The levers are interlocked with 4 switching mechanisms equipped with proximity switches.

The sampling mechanism consists of four samplers connected to the pneumatic system, two electric motors, two gearboxes and two circuits transmitting rotational motion from gearboxes to the samplers and two bottom sensor mechanisms with spring - loaded rods, the lower parts of which are lowered 40 - 50 mm below the lower part selectors. Each sampler consists of two concentrically located pipes: a fixed inner and a rotating outer. The upper part of the inner pipe is connected to the pneumatic system, and in the lower part along the circumference it has an annular gap with the outer pipe. The outer pipe in the upper part, at the level of 2800 mm from the lower end, has a row of windows, and the lower part is equipped with a cone with a hole for sampling. The rotation of the outer tubes facilitates the entry of the samplers into the grain mass and improves the sampling conditions.

The pneumatic system is designed to move the product from the samplers to the cyclone. The pneumatic system consists of a fan, a cyclone, an air flow cut - off valve installed above the cyclone, a collector and a pneumatic network. To prevent injury to the grain, a rubber shell is installed inside the cyclone.

The sample collector is designed for collecting and unloading the sample and consists of a body with a spring - loaded pan connected to a lever and a glass installed on the pan, which is pressed against the rubber seal by the neck and is tightly connected to the pneumatic system. The sample collector is connected by a pipe to the lower flange of the cyclone.

The movement mechanism consists of two axles: a non - drive axle having 2 wheels with flanges, a common axle mounted on 2 bearing units and a drive axle similar in design, additionally having an asterisk connected by a chain to an asterisk on the shaft of the wheel drive gear motor, on at the other end of the shaft there is a drum interlocked with a brake.

The electrical equipment is designed to ensure the switching of the electric motor control system and ensures the operation of the sampler in automatic mode when sampling and controlling it during horizontal movement.

The principle of operation of the sampler consists in the selection of grain by 4 samplers during their movement to the entire depth of the embankment in the car body and subsequent transportation of the selected grain to the cyclone using the air flow created by the fan. From the cyclone, the grain is poured into the beaker of the sample collector, from where it is transferred by the operator to the laboratory glassware.

By moving the sampler horizontally, sampling can be carried out along the entire length of the vehicle body.

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Sampler pneumatic mobile U1-UPP-02
Sampler pneumatic mobile U1-UPP-02
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